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A vast collection of information that addresses Shi'a/Sunni inter-school related issues. An effort of the Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project Team

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Death: a beautiful Gift for a believer

Death: a beautiful Gift for a believer

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Treatise On Rights (Risalat al-Huquq)

Imam Zayn al-'Abidin's `Treatise on Rights' is the only work attributed to him other than supplications or relatively short sayings and letters.

The Status of Music in Islam

The Status of Music in Islam
Written by Saleem Bhimji


Hajj (The Pilgrimage)

Underlying philosophy of every stage of Hajj. A wonderful spiritual preparation for those intending to perform the Pilgrimage

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Islamic 'Hijab' For Men

Islamic 'Hijab' For Men

Compiled and Translated by Saleem Bhimji

Islamic Teachings in Brief

This book, written in a relatively simple language, presents a summary of the teachings of Islam.

Divine (Allah’s) Judgment (Hokm) versus Human Judgment (Hokm)

Divine (Allah’s) Judgment (Hokm) versus Human Judgment (Hokm)
Written by: Dr. Hatem Abu Shahba
Translated by: Jerrmein Abu Shahba

Sunan An-Nabi

This book presents a collection of narrations on the conduct, customs, and actions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S), those that he always performed and those that describe his way of life.

What is Taqleed?

What is Taqleed?

Meaning, History and Proofs of Taqleed from the Quran and Sunnah

By Saleem Bhimji

Jami' al-Sa'adat (The Collector of Felicities)

Meaning and Origin of Akhlaq, Moral Virtues and Vices, Diseases of the Soul and their Treatment, and Vices of Power and Passion.

Forty Ahadith on Salat

40 selected traditions narrated through the Prophet [s] and his Ahl al-Bayt [a] on the topic of Salat/Prayer.

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Music and its Effects

In this booklet, the author discusses the detrimental effects of music on our lives. He talks about the origin of music and its effects from various points of views.

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This book is an invitation to a journey, an interior journey of discovery in quest of a lost treasure containing the most precious jewels of the whole of creation.

The Meaning of Salawaat

The Meaning of Salawaat
Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

Elements of Islamic Studies

A greatly beneficial text book for students of all ages who wish to learn or review the basic fundamentals of Islamic studies.

Principles Of Marriage & Family Ethics

Purpose of marriage, duties of the wife, duties of the men, settling disagreements, and divorce, as well as a diverse range of day to day issues.

Islamic Medical Wisdom, The Tibb al-A'imma

Islamic Medical Wisdom is the first English translation of a text in the Twelver Shi'i medical tradition.

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A New Perspective: Women in Islam

"A New Perspective" is a dialogue between an Islamic scholar and a Muslim woman.


Question n.1

Question: What is the teaching of Islam about pork?

The 15 Whispered Prayers of As-Sahifa al-Kamila as-Sajjadiyyah

The Whispered prayers, is a collection of 15 Intimate conversations with God extracted from the book Sahifa Sajjadiya, known famously as the Psalms of Islam.

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Youth and Spouse Selection

This book suggests to the youth, solutions to only one of the burning problems of the day, marriage, from an Islamic perspective and viewpoint. The learned author, Mr.

Muhammad in the Mirror of Islam

Islam and other religions, importance of the individual, Islamic world view, equality, realism, knowledge and wisdom, and the spiritual path.

Fast of the Month of Ramadhan: Philosophy and Ahkam

This text includes fasting in history, benefits of fasting, types of fasts, and the Prophet's preaching on Ramadhan.

Importance of Salat in its Prime Time (Awwal-e-Waqt)

Importance of Salat in its Prime Time (Awwal-e-Waqt)

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What Everyone Should Know about Islam

This book focuses on the principles of religion which are relevant to the thought and soul of human beings, reason and intellect follow it, and deeds and movement of human beings spring forth from

Islamic Business Ethics

This treatise aims to help Muslim business people and professionals understand the Islamic perspective on life, this world, pursuit of material goods, and their responsibility towards society in ge

The Roots of Religion

A book that explains the Usul al-Deen (Roots of Religion). It helps resolve questions and doubts in relation to God, Prophethood, Imamate, Death and Jugement Day.

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Economic System in Islam Compared with Capitalism and Socialism

This booklet covers some popular Islamic Economic topics, in a short and lucid style, in order to meet the need of young Muslims who want to know the basic Islamic concepts of economy.

Timing and Clothing for Prayer

Timing and Clothing for Prayer

Mohammad Ali Shomali
International Institute for Islamic Studies, Qum

Ablution: Its Effects and Secrets

Ablution: Its Effects and Secrets

Mohammad Ali Shomali

The Spiritual Aspects of Hajj (Revised Edition)

The Spiritual Aspects of Hajj, A Translation of Imam Zayn al-ʿĀbidīn’s (ʿA) Discourse on Hajj with al-Shiblī (Revised Edition)

An Introduction to The Islamic Shari’ah

In this text, Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi has outlined the fundamentals of Shari'ah and how to live by the teachings and laws of Islam.

Jurispudence Made Easy

The book is in the form of questions and answers based on fatwa of Ayatullah Al-Seestani, on the verses of Jurisprudence, that includes the matters of worship, financial transactions and man's pers

Seeking Assistance from Prayer and Fasting

Seeking Assistance from Prayer and Fasting

Discourses On Patience

This text analyzes the topic of patience in light of traditions, Islamic code, and history while shedding light on the advantages and effects of patience.

Secrets of Prayer, Part VI: Recitation of Surat al-Hamd, Ruku' and Sujud

Secrets of Prayer, Part 6: Recitation of Surat al-Hamd, Ruku' and Sujud

Morals for Children and Young

This book provides good ideas to parents on upbringing of their children, with family values and morals.

Simplified Islamic Laws for Youth and Young Adults

Condensed version of the Islamic Laws in accordance with Ayatollah al-Uzma Seestani.

Method and Rulings of Wudhu’

Method and Rulings of Wudhu’

Children in the Qur’an and Sunnah

This book is an authentic collection of Ayahs of Qur'an and over 500 Hadiths on children.

The Rites of Hajj, Practical Treatise and Rules

This book discusses the important of Hajj, one of the obligatory pillars in Islam.

Beauty of Concealment and Concealment of Beauty

A lecture by the wife of the former PM of Iran on the beauty of concealment. The movement to abolish the hijab, and the message of hijab.

Life under the Grace of Ethics

This text which is authored by Ayatullah al-Uzma Shaykh Nasir Makarim Shirazi, sheds light on how life would look under the grace of ethics.

The Concept of Combat in the Life of Imams

In this text, Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Khamene'i analyzes the concept of war and combat in the lifes of the Infallible Imams and focuses on the precept and political stragedy of these honorable figures

Dua in Islamic Teachings, Part 2

Dua in Islamic Teachings, Part 2

Child Custody in Islamic Jurisprudence

In this informative book written and compiled by Saeid Nazari Tavakkoli, we learn the many different laws on the rights of the mother, the father, the child, and their related topics such as breast

Human Rights in Islam

Human Rights in Islam

By: Ayatollah al-Uzma Sayyid Ali Husaini Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution

Making an Islamic Will

A clear and concise book by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi explaining the necessity of making a will and the Islamic procedure of creating it.

The Beauty of Charity

The spiritual and worldly benefits of charity to individuals and society as a whole. Includes stories of Prophets, Imams & Scholars who have sacrificed their wealth for Allah (swt).

Parables: Important Questions – Simple Answers

Hujjat Al Islam Mohsin Qara’ati in his televised program Lessons from the Quran is using parables and similes, which has been a very successful method of getting the message of understanding across

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In Defence of Islamic Laws

This book contains the text of three memoranda submitted by the author to the Kenyan government in response to a request by the government seeking clarification on issues of the laws of matrimony,s

Intention as the Spirit of Prayer

Intention as the Spirit of Prayer
Mohammad Ali Shomali

Place, Direction and Beginning of Prayer

Place, Direction and Beginning of Prayer
Mohammad Ali Shomali

Aspects of Environmental Ethics: An Islamic Perspective

Aspects of Environmental Ethics: An Islamic Perspective
Mohammad Shomali
11 November 2008

The Rights of Prisoners According To Islamic Teachings

This book is on the issues of imprisonment and related matters, the author discusses in some details the disadvantages of imprisonments and its harmful effects, and therefore the need to reduce the

Building of Tombs In the Light of Qur’an & Hadith

There are many issues that have divided the Muslim ummah.

Towards An Islamic Economy

A research work on the socioeconomic system of Islam.

Greatness of the 27th of the Month of Rajab

Greatness of the 27th of the Month of Rajab

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Animals Welfare Acts and Utilization Limits in Islam

Original title: حیوانات، قوانین حمایتی و حدود بهره¬وری در اسلام . انگليسي

Islamic Bioethics: A General Scheme

This paper discusses about Islamic bioethics on an Islamic perspective. It is divided in three parts: The first part studies the value of life in Islam.

Seeking The Absolute

Seeking the absolute: A summarized commentary of a daily supplication of the holy month of Rajab al-Murajjab taught by Imam Ja‘far al-Sadiq (‘a)

Economic Distribution in Islam

This booklet is about economic distribution in Islam, it gives an analysis on the current economic system of Islam and presents solutions to the economic problems in Islamic communities.

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Comparative Study of Shared Views of Muslim and Non-Muslim Scholars on Philosophy and Education

We live in a world where everything is always about me: my religion, my house, my phone..etc., forgetting on many occasions that there is a world beyond our own petty existence.

Pursuing Excellence, The Guide to Memorising The Holy Qur’an

This text explores the importance of Memorising the Holy Qur'an in light of the Holy Books itself and many traditions of the Holy Prophet (S) and the Pure Imams of the Ahlul Bayt (as).

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Ziyaarat Aale-Yaasin, A Brief Commentary

A brief explanation of the Ziyaarat al-Aale Yaasin, the profound and meaningful salutation from Imam al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.).

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Fasting, I’tekaf, Advent of Moon, Fitrah

This booklet consists of those issues which believers come across during the month of Ramadhan and Eid according to verdicts of four Maraja'e.

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Fasting in Ramadhan: A Simple Guide To Ritual, Social & Spiritual Dimensions

A collection of articles written & speeches given by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi on the various dimensions and significance of the Holy month of Ramadhan.

Quality of Hijab and the Social Relation of Men and Women

One of the most significant current discussions regarding the Islamic modest dress is the extent to which both men and women should dress.

The Islamic Understanding of Prayer

Du‘a, the Arabic word for prayer or supplication, is the calling of a servant to his Deity. Summoning to God is highly encouraged in Islam, as prayer is considered to be the essence of worship.

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The Beginning of Servitude: Contemplation on the Spiritual and Epistemic Aspects of Fasting

In this paper, some narrations will be analyzed to demonstrate the importance of fasting and its effects on people in this world and the hereafter followed by a brief analysis on how fasting funct

The Verdict about Intoxicants in Islam

We always hear about the fact that alcohol is prohibited in Islam but many know not the reasons behind this prohibition.

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Taqleed made easy

A brief and complete summary of the Rulings about Taqlid, PDF version.

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