ABSTINENCE avoiding, refraining
ABUSE make bad or wrong use of, ill-treat
ACCOMPLISH perform; succeed in doing
ACQUISITION aining skill or ability, by one's own effort or behaviour
ACQUAINTANCE a person whom one knows, information gained through experience
ADMINISTRATION management of affairs
AFFECTION love, fondness
ALOOF apart, away from
ALTERNATIVE choice between two things
ALTERATION a change, act of changing
ASCEND go or come up
ASPECT look or appearance
ATONE compensate, make amends for sins or wrong-doing
AVAIL take advantage
BACKBITING speak ill of somebody in his absence
BEHAVIOUR manners (good or bad)
BETRAYED cheated, disclosed
BRUTISH cruel, savage
BORNE undergone pain, hardship
CHAOS complete absence of order, confusion
CIVILIZATION system or stage of social development; refining or improving the manners
COMMENTED remarked upon, expressed opinion, criticized
COMMEMORATE keep or honour the memory of (a person or event)
COMPEL force, obtain by pressure
CONTENTMENT satisfaction, not wanting more
CONVERSANT well-informed
CONVERSION changing from one form to another
CONFIDENCE faith, trust
CORDIALLY warmly and sincerely
CUSTOM habitual practice
DECORUM decency, right and proper behaviour
DEPRIVED oppressed, unjustly treated
DEVOTE strongly attach to a person or a cause
DEVOID without; empty
EDIBLE eatable
EMBARRASSMENT mental discomfort; or anxiety
EMPHASIZE lay particular stress upon
ENDEAVOUR effort, attempt, try
ENTRANT one taking part in a contest; one who enters
ENDOW give a gift
ERR make mistake, be wrong
EXECUTE put into effect, do skillfully
EXPIRE die, come to an end, finish
FEATS something difficult well done, especially showing skill, strength or daring
FEUD bitter quarrel between two persons, families or groups over a long period of time
FORBEARANCE patience; self control
FOUL wicked, evil, rough
FOUNTAIN source, origin
FRATERNITY the state or relationship of a brother
GRACIOUS kind, merciful
GRANT give
HUMILIATION putting to shame, lowering the dignity or self respect
HYPOCRITE a person falsely making oneself appear to be good or virtuous
INCIDENCE happening, occurrence
INCUMBENT duty, necessary obligation
INDUCES persuades, influences
INDULGE gratify; cherish
INFRINGE break, transgress, violate
INIMICAL unfriendly, harmful
INTENSIVE deep and thorough; giving force and emphasis
IMPART give, pass on a share of something
IMPEACH blame; accuse
IMPREGNABLE that cannot be taken by force
IMPRUDENT rude; unwise
LITERATE learned
LIVELIHOOD means of maintaining life
MASTERPIECE something made or done with very great skill; the best
MIRACLE an act which is beyond the human power performed by the Prophets as an evidence of their Prophethood
MISRABLE very unhappy, poor, wretched
NARRATE give, cite, tell, recite
NOURISH feed and cause to grow
OBLIGATORY necessary, compulsory
OBSERVE watch carefully
ORNAMENT that which is added for decoration
PARDON forgiveness, excuse oneself
PENETRATE enter or pierce
PERSONALITY a person of distinction
PROFESS declare openly, affirm ones faith (in) allegiance (to)
PROMOTE advance; help onward
PROSPERITY state of being successful; good fortune
PYTHON large snake
RANCOUR (deep and long-lasting feeling of) bitterness
RANSOM release (captive on payment); large sum of money
REFRAIN hold oneself back; avoid
RENDER give in turn or exchange; present offer
RESPECTIVE in turn, separately and in the order mentioned
RITUAL way of conducting religious ceremonies
SHIRKED avoided a duty
SIMULTANEOUSLY at the same time
SPECIFIED mentioned clearly
SPROUTED shooted forth, grew rapidly
SUCCESSOR a person who takes the place which another has left, deputy
SUBMISSION obedience
STUBBORN difficult to deal with, obstinate
SUPPLICATION humble prayers
SURVIVE remain alive; continue to exist
TENET principle, belief, doctrine
TOIL hard work; work hard
TREAD step, trample
TYRANNY cruel or unjust use of power
UNCOUTH rough, awkward, uncultured
UNIQUE having no like or equal
UMPARALLELED having no equal, matchless
VAIN useless, worthless, fruitless
VALOUR bravery
VAST huge, boundless, extensive
VITALITY vigour, energy
WRATH great danger