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Islamic Views On Human Rights: Viewpoints of Iranian Scholars


Today's world, plagued by war and greed, and media are inundated by the issues pertaining to human rights. What is the position of the Islamic Sharia regarding The Human Rights, as they are understood internationally? Does the Islamic law adhere to The Human Rights? does it respect some of the decrees and reject others?Why? Does Islamic law reject The Human rights altogether? The present book does a magnificent job at offering a comprehensive, lengthy and thorough investigation to answer all the above questions.

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Islamic Views On Human Rights: Viewpoints of Iranian Scholars Translated by: Isma’il Salami Typeset and page layout prepared in Center for Cultural International Studies by Jamilah Kukabi Technical work: Manhiya Ni’matollahi First published: in Great Britain 2001 Circulation: 1500 copies All rights reserved. Organization for Islamic Culture and Communications Directorate of Research and Education Center for Cultural-International Studies ISBN: 964-472-299-X ISBN: 1 - 810901 - 12 - 4 Published by Al-Hoda 76 -78 Charing Cross Road London WC2H OBD Tel: 020 72408381 Fax: 020 74970180 E - mail: alhoda @ alhoda. com URL: http: www.alhoda. com