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There are few children Islamic books and the present one is an amazing depiction of the events that lead to the battle to save the holy Ka’baa' in the time known as The Year of the Elephant. With lovely pictures and detailed descriptions, this book is an amazing aid in teaching children about the history of our holy Ka’baa'.

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LAPIDATION Written by: Alireza Mirza Mohammad Illustrated by: Artistic Group Children and Young Adults Unit of Besat Foundation Fourth Published: 1986 Circulation: 5000 copies Lithography and print: The Bureau for Publishing Islamic Culture Islamic Republic of Iran Tehran All rights reserved. Besat Foundation (Children and Young Adults Unit) Central Office: Somayye St., No.109 P.o.Box:15815-1361 Tel: +98(21 )882244-8822374-8821159 Fax: +98(21)8821370