Nahjul Balagha Letter #31 - 5/6

Advice about the long road towards the akhira: - keep your burden light, within your power - give in the way of Allah SWT - the light-burdened one will be in a better condition and swift paced - prepare for the final destination you want to reach The concept and importance of dua (supplication) The concept and importance of tawba (repentance) Related verses from the Holy Qu'ran: - 24:31 - 18:58 - 39:53 - 6:160 - How to ask Allah SWT -- place before Him your needs -- Complain to Him of your worries -- Ask Him to remove your troubles -- seek His help in your affairs - Ask Him for: -- length of life -- health of body -- increase in sustenance - Dua are the keys to His treasury - His mercy falls like rain Causes of delay in acceptance of prayer - grant of prayer is according to the measure of intention - delay can be a source of greater reward - Sometimes a better thing is given to you instead later - sometimes you ask for a thing which is bad for your faith