Du'a (Supplication)

In Islam, duʿāʾ (Arabic: دُعَاء‎, plural: ʾadʿiyah أدْعِيَة), literally meaning "invocation", is an act of supplication. The term is derived from an Arabic word meaning to 'call out' or to 'summon', and Muslims regard this as a profound act of worship.

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A unique style of communication with God

This presentation is a selection from the famous Dua of the day of ‘Arafah [9th Zilhajjah] of Imam Husain [as]. This prayer was recited by Imam Husain [as] as a part of Hajj ritual.

Ramazan! Oh My Friend

This presentation is a selection from Imam Zayn al-Abedin’s [as]  Supplication for Bidding Farewell to the Month of Ramazan

Munajat of Imam Ali (a)

Powerpoint presentation containing Arabic text and English translation of Munajat (whispered prayers) of Imam Ali (a) in the mosque of Kufa.

When I Was Sick

This presentation is based on prayer # 15 from Sahifa al-Sajjadiya of Imam Zayn al Abedin [as].

Whispering to God

This presentation is adapted from the Munajate Shabaniyah of Imam Ali (a).

Imam Sajjad’s (as) dua upon Completing the Recitation of the Holy Qur’an

PowerPoint presentation of the Supplication upon Completing the Recitation/Reading of the Qur'an. It is listed in the book Sahifa Al-Sajjadiyyah, du'a no. 42