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Frequently Asked Questions on Zakat Al-Fitrah

Frequently Asked Questions on Zakat Al-Fitrah

(According to Fataawa of Ayatullah Sayyid Ali al-Husayni Seestani)

by Academy of Learning Islam

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Supplications for the Month of Ramadhan

The Arabic text and English translation of supplications recited in Ramadhan, including Du'a Iftitah, the A'amal of Laylatul Qadr, and sermon of the Prophet (s) welcoming the month of Ramadhan (Ram

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Laws and Practices: What is the Fast of the Month of Ramadan

A brief text on the significance of fasting in the month of Ramadan.

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Laws and Practices: Why do the Shi'ah avoid Tarawih congregations

A brief text about Tarawih congregations, how they originated and how they are perceived from Shi'a and Sunni standpoint.

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Fasting and the Holy month of Ramadhan

In this collection of articles about fasting, the author discusses its significance and practice during the times of the previous Prophets (a.s) and also, the etiquette and purpose of the month of

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Understanding the Month of Glory Lessons on the Month of Ramadhan

Excellent lessons and activities on the month of Ramadhan for children and youth; includes verses from the Qur'an, traditions on fasting, a chant, Ramadhan checklist, reasons for fasting, seaking n

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Fast of the Month of Ramadhan: Philosophy and Ahkam

This text includes fasting in history, benefits of fasting, types of fasts, and the Prophet's preaching on Ramadhan.

Manifestations of the All-Merciful

Commentary and reflections on the first portion of the supplication recited daily during the month of Ramadhan that begins with "Allahumma adkhil `alaa ahli-l-quboor as-suroor" (O Allah, give happi

Seeking Assistance from Prayer and Fasting

Seeking Assistance from Prayer and Fasting

Fasting according to the Five Schools of Islamic Law

Differing opinions among the schools of Islamic Law on the rules of fasting, including being excused from fasting and repaying missed fasts.

A Short Treatise on The Divine Invitation

This book discusses why the Holy Month of Ramadān described by the Holy Prophet (s) as ‘The Banquet of Allāh’ and what it means to be his special Guest.


This short text is a collection of five articles written by Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi dealing with various aspects of the month of Ramadan, its significance and the holy day of Eid-ul-Fitr

The Merits of Fasting and the Month of Ramadan

In this paper, the author elaborates on the concept of divine banquet and refers to some of the bounties of Allah SWT in the month of Ramadan and for those who fast.

Ramadhan With The Holy Qur’an, 30 Lessons in 30 days

Thirty lessons for youth written as an easy but comprehensive guide throughout the Holy Month of Ramadhan in order to give them a gist of the great religion of Islam and its teachings produced fro

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Fasting and Zakat (Alms), according to the Five Schools of Islamic Law

This work on the Shariah or Islamic Law offers a comparative study of the Divine Law that, according to authentic Islamic doctrines, embodies the Will of God in society.

Fasting, I’tekaf, Advent of Moon, Fitrah

This booklet consists of those issues which believers come across during the month of Ramadhan and Eid according to verdicts of four Maraja'e.

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Fasting in Ramadhan: A Simple Guide To Ritual, Social & Spiritual Dimensions

A collection of articles written & speeches given by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi on the various dimensions and significance of the Holy month of Ramadhan.

The holy Month of Ramadhan - A Brief Poem

Reading lots of Quran. Avoiding bad deeds. Making good food. Aiming to be a better Muslim.

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Powerpoint Presentations for Ramadhan

A powerpoint presentation of commonly recited supplications in the month of Ramadhan. Excellent for use while performing Du'a or A'maal in Ramadhan with an English-speaking community.

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The Beginning of Servitude: Contemplation on the Spiritual and Epistemic Aspects of Fasting

In this paper, some narrations will be analyzed to demonstrate the importance of fasting and its effects on people in this world and the hereafter followed by a brief analysis on how fasting funct


A short but comprehensive text by Ayatullah Sayyid Abul Qasim al-Khui concerning all the aspects of fasting: physical, spiritual and ethical and concludes with a list of the most important rulings