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Islamic Laws

Laws on cleanliness, prayers, fasting, hajj, transactions, marriage, and other topics. According to the Risalah of Ayatullah Ali al-Husayni Al-Seestani.

Apostacy in Islam

This text first explains the view about faith in God and whether or not Islam can be forcefully imposed on others; then comes the Islamic view on the choices a person has after he has willingly joi

Islamic Views on Organ Donation & Transplantation

Islamic Views on Organ Donation & Transplantation

Jurisprudence and Its Principles

History and sources of jurisprudence, history of jurisprudents, as well as methods, laws, and issues relating to jurisprudence.

Jihad and Shahadat

Jihad and Shahadat
By Ayatullah Sayyid Mahmud Taleqani

The Principle of Ijtihad in Islam

Brief biography of Ayatullah Mutahhari, definition, types, permissibility and history of Ijtihad, Akhbarism, and Taqlid.

Islamic Laws by Ayatullah Abul Qasim al-Khu'i

Laws on cleanliness, prayers, fasting, hajj, transactions, marriage, and other topics. According to the risalah of Ayatullah Abul Qasim al-Khu'i.

Contemporary Legal Rulings In Shi'i Law

In accordance with the rulings (fatwa) of Ayatullah Seestani. Includes rulings on new and contemporary issues such as organ donation, genetics and magic.

The Spiritual Significance of Jihad

Definition of Jihad, its spiritual importance.

I’tikaf, The Spiritual Retreat

I’tikaf, The Spiritual Retreat

Islam and the Question of Violence

Definition of violence in Islam, its role in Islamic Law, and whether Islam condones violence.

Islamic Business Ethics

This treatise aims to help Muslim business people and professionals understand the Islamic perspective on life, this world, pursuit of material goods, and their responsibility towards society in ge

Questions on Jurisprudence

Explanations of laws and practices specific to Shi'ism, including combining of prayers, saying the basmala, mut'a, and method of wudhu.

82 Questions

This text attempts to answer modern challenges to Islamic positions; it begins with an exposition of the five Usool-e-deen (roots of religion) and continues by giving answers from the Islamic tradi

Simplified Islamic Laws for Young Adults

Condensed version of the Islamic Laws in accordance with Ayatullah al-`Uzma al-Hajj ash-Shaykh Lutfullah as-Safi al-Gulpaygani.All basic topics have been discussed in detail with all common rulings

Simplified Islamic Laws for Youth and Young Adults

Condensed version of the Islamic Laws in accordance with Ayatollah al-Uzma Seestani.

Thoughts on ‘Apostasy in Islam’

Thoughts on ‘Apostasy in Islam’
From ‘A Series of Discussions on New Issues in Islamic Theology’ “Apostasy and Freedom”

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Al-Khisal, A Numeric Classification of Traditions on Characteristics

Translation of Al-Khisal. A first book of its kind, Al-Khisal is a collection of religious and moral precepts from reliable works on the subject compiled by Sheikh Sadooq.

Shaykh as-Saduq 7,407 1


In This Extraordinary compelling and powerful read, we see without a shadow of a doubt the horrific true nature and extreme ill consequences of Alcohol on the human body.

Child Custody in Islamic Jurisprudence

In this informative book written and compiled by Saeid Nazari Tavakkoli, we learn the many different laws on the rights of the mother, the father, the child, and their related topics such as breast

Obligations and Prohibitions in Islamic Divine Law

This book presents the issues the society is confronted with, in a brief and simple language, both in the field of thought and practice.

The Rights of Prisoners According To Islamic Teachings

This book is on the issues of imprisonment and related matters, the author discusses in some details the disadvantages of imprisonments and its harmful effects, and therefore the need to reduce the

Islamic Bioethics: A General Scheme

This paper discusses about Islamic bioethics on an Islamic perspective. It is divided in three parts: The first part studies the value of life in Islam.

Animals Welfare Acts and Utilization Limits in Islam

Original title: حیوانات، قوانین حمایتی و حدود بهره¬وری در اسلام . انگليسي

An Outline of Governance from a Quranic Perspective

A paper analyzing the features of Islamic law from a Qur'anic perspective. It explains how, according to Islam, politics, morality and worldly affairs cannot be separated from religion.

The Rites of Umrah al-Mufradah

This book has the latest jurisprudential opinions of his highness Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi about Umrah which have been mentioned in different books accompanying his latest Fatwas.

Jurisprudence of Human Cloning

Jurisprudence of Human Cloning
Ayatollah as-Sayyed Muhammad Saeed al-Hakim [ha]
Translator: Mohammad Basim Al-Ansari

Taqleed & Ijtihad

A detailed discussion and analysis of Taqleed & Ijtihad in the light of the Holy Qur'an and traditions.

Juristic Questions

These are juristic questions discussed in a clear and firm way. They depend upon the true evidences and follow the straight way.

Maintaining a Just Economy through Belief in the Hereafter

This article expounds on the effect of Qur’anic belief in the hereafter on stabilizing a community in its economic development and social justice, as well as its spiritual condition.

Taharah, Ritual Purity according to the Five Schools of Islamic Law

This work on the Shariah or Islamic Law offers a comparative study of the Divine Law that, according to authentic Islamic doctrines, embodies the Will of God in society.

Waqf, Hajr and Wasaya according to the Five Schools of Islamic Law

This work on the Shariah or Islamic Law offers a comparative study of the Divine Law that, according to authentic Islamic doctrines, embodies the Will of God in society.

Ijtihad: Takhtiah or Taswib

In this article, the author talks in brief about the concept, definition, and types of ijtihâd and examines the criteria and justification of takhti'ah (admission of the possibility of error in the

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Introduction to Islamic Sciences, Part 1

This article introduces the most important Islamic sciences that have long been studied in Islamic seminaries.

Introduction to Islamic Sciences Part 2: Fiqh and Usul al-fiqh

This article touches upon two subjects: Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) and Usul of Fiqh (Principles of Fiqh).

Reasons for the Prohibition of Specific Foods in the Quran

God has created man in a way that whatever he eats and drinks has an influence on his mind, body and soul.

Legal Rulings Derived from Qur’anic Stories, Part 2

This second part includes the implications or inspirations drawn from the Ahlul Bayt’s method of interpretation of Qur’anic stories.

Lady Nusrat Beygum Amin

Sayyida Nusrat Beygum Amin was one of the most outstanding female jurisprudents and theologians of the 20th century.

Introduction to Islamic Sciences Part 3

This article - Introduction to Islamic Sciences, Part 3 – delves into four additional subjects: Hadith Sciences, Qur’anic Sciences, the Science of Exegesis and the Science of Islamic Ethics.

Examining Selected Jurisprudential Differences among Muslims

The purpose of this study is to take a brief overview at some of the jurisprudential differences between Shia‘s and Sunnis in matters such as Wudhu’ (ablution), Adhan (the call to prayer), prayer,

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The Stages of Development of Shi'a Jurisprudence

In this article, the stages of the development of jurisprudence will be clarified, along with revealing its prominent authors, major collections of narrations, and the notions that drove scholars t

Hypocrisy and its Levels

This article expounds on the definition of hypocrisy, its levels, its connotation in the Qur'an and hadith, and the differences between both hypocrisy and falsehood, and hypocrisy and dissimulation

The Verdict about Intoxicants in Islam

We always hear about the fact that alcohol is prohibited in Islam but many know not the reasons behind this prohibition.

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Legal Rulings Derived from Qur’anic Stories, Part 1

The first part of this article demonstrate that legal rulings can be based on narrations from Qur'anic stories, using topics such as the permissibility of self-praise and dissimulation (taqiyya) an

Quench Not Thine Own Light

Quench Not Thine Own Light

W. B. Basbir Pickard (B.A. Cantab)

An Inquiry into Religious Dissimulation

Dissimulation or Taqiyyah is a practice emphasized by the Ahlul Bayt on several occasions. This article discusses about its meaning, the types of dissimulation and its legal rulings.

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Ensoulment and the Prohibition of Abortion in Islam

This article identifies ways in which philosophical ideas of personhood influence rulings concerning abortion.

The Apostasy Ruling and its Justification in Twelver Shi’i Jurisprudence

This study analyses the issue of apostasy in Islam, what constitutes an apostate in light of traditional Shi’i jurisprudence and its penalty.