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For a Better Future

The book contains 200 questions and answers regarding the concerns of the youth, marriage and children.

Principles of Upbringing Children

Advice for parents, supported by the Hadith and Quran, on the upbringing and training of Children.

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Sexual problems of Youths

In this book, the author has explained the reasons for the sexual problems being faced by the Muslim youth.

Fifty Lessons on Principles of Belief for Youths

This text contains fifty chapters, each containing an important lesson on the fundamental beliefs of our faith that are especially relevant for the youth of today.

Music and its Effects

In this booklet, the author discusses the detrimental effects of music on our lives. He talks about the origin of music and its effects from various points of views.

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Faith and Reason

Answers by Ayatullah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani to a series of questions often asked by young Muslims growing up in Western societies.

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Guiding the Youth of the New Generation

A discussion on providing leadership to the youth, with examples from Hadith, Qur'an and lives of the Prophets and Imams.

Secrets of Success

A book for the youth on how one can be successful in reaching their goals. Illustrated using examples from lives of great men from the East & West.

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Youth and Spouse Selection

This book suggests to the youth, solutions to only one of the burning problems of the day, marriage, from an Islamic perspective and viewpoint. The learned author, Mr.

The Religion of Al-Islam and Marriage

Marriage is one of the most sacred bonds between a man and a woman, and this text explains in details the various issues concerning marriage in the light of Islamic Laws and Ethics

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Morals for Children and Young

This book provides good ideas to parents on upbringing of their children, with family values and morals.

Simplified Islamic Laws for Young Adults

Condensed version of the Islamic Laws in accordance with Ayatullah al-`Uzma al-Hajj ash-Shaykh Lutfullah as-Safi al-Gulpaygani.All basic topics have been discussed in detail with all common rulings

Simplified Islamic Laws for Youth and Young Adults

Condensed version of the Islamic Laws in accordance with Ayatollah al-Uzma Seestani.

Lessons about Allah, Prophethood and the Prophet of Islam, Justice, Leadership (Imamate) and Resurrection

This text contains important lessons on the fundamental beliefs of Islam that should be the bases of Islamic knowledge of our youth: God, Prophethood and the Prophet of Islam, Justice, Leadership (

The Prophet’s Attitude towards Children and Youth

A text on Prophet Muhammad’s (S) attitude towards children and youth.

Ramadhan With The Holy Qur’an, 30 Lessons in 30 days

Thirty lessons for youth written as an easy but comprehensive guide throughout the Holy Month of Ramadhan in order to give them a gist of the great religion of Islam and its teachings produced fro

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Parent-Child Relationship

The present booklet presents in a short and concise manner the rights of the parents and the rights of the children.

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Al-Abrar, The Righteous Ones

Al-Abrar is a collection of stories for character building and ethical guidance for young readers.

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The Core of Islam

The aim of this work is to guide Muslims, especially youths, giving clear answers to many commonly asked questions, in order to replace bewilderment with the clarity that comes from profound study

Let's Learn About Imamate

Volume four of the Let's learn about... series deals with the subject of imamate. The book comprises ten main lessons.

Let’s talk about: Backbiting

This booklet with the help of pictures and simple examples aims to teach children what backbiting is, how it affects the people around us and how you can avoid being in a backbiting situation and h

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Yazid son of Mu‘awiyah and his son, Historical Stories For Children 2

The second book of the historical series for children pays attention to the wile character of Yazid the son of Mu'awiyah and the amazing character of his son Mu'awiyah.

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Islamic Doctrines Simplified

Simple passages on Islamic beliefs about God, Prophethood and the Day of Judgement.

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Let’s learn about Resurrection

The third volume of the Let's learn... series is a collection of ten main lessons dealing with the subjects related to the Resurrection.

Let's Learn About The Prophet Of Islam

The second book of the Let's learn about...

From Resolution to Revolution, the Message of Ashura

Along the years many books have been written about the significance of the events that took place in Karbala.

Adolescence: A Period of Examination and Success

Adolescence is a very difficult period no matter where you are born.

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Mu’awiyah son of Abu Sufyan, Historical Stories For Children 6

Mu'awiyah was the first king to rule at the beginning of the Islamic era. He was the founder of the reign of darkness and corruption.

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‘Abd Al-Malik Ibn Marwan and ‘Ubaydullah Bin Ziyad, Historical Stories For Children 3

Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan was one of the Muslims who used to get upset if someone killed an ant ascending to power but after taking power he spent his life killing Muslims.

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Abu Sufyan, Historical Stories For Children 5

Abu Sufyan and Abu Lahab were the two uncles of the Prophet (S) who most opposed the Prophet (S) and his prophethood.

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Monotheism for Young Adults

Monotheism for young adults is a very comprehensive book which sheds light on the issue of “Tahwid”. The book contains a dialog between two friends, Mohammad and Mehdi regarding Monotheism.

How To Start Your Journey Of Religious Responsibility?

The present text is the most precious gift we can give our daughters at the time when they start their journey from childhood to womanhood.

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There are few children Islamic books and the present one is an amazing depiction of the events that lead to the battle to save the holy Ka’baa' in the time known as The Year of the Elephant.

Benefaction in Islam

Benefaction is one of the oft repeated issues in the verses of the Holy Qur'an.

Healthy Personality in our Youth: An Islamic Perspective

This Journal describes the concept of a healthy personality and its outcomes, with an explanation on the relationship of the healthy personality with prayer and servitude to God.

Another Prayer

Another Prayer


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