Fatima al-Zahra - History & Politics

Fatima (sa), the Daughter of Muhammad (S), a Brief Biography


1. First Ma’sum is our beloved Prophet Muhammad (ص)

Fatima The Gracious

Biography of Lady Fatima (a), the daughter of the Prophet (s), her titles, family life, the birth of her children, verses of the Qur'an revealed in her favour, the event of the cloak, love of the P

Fatima is Fatima

Compilation of lectures given by Dr Shariati about the life of Fatima az-Zahra, the daughter of the Prophet and how she is a manifestation and a symbol of the way and an essential direction of 'Isl

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House of Sorrows, The life of Sayyidah Fatimah al-Zahra and her grief

House of Sorrows is the first ever book in English to detail the last six months of the life of the only daughter of Prophet Muhammad, Fatimah az-Zahra.

Story of the Holy Ka’aba And its People

A detailed history of the Ka'ba, and each of the 14 Ma'sumin (Infallibles)

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Fatima Zahra’ in the Noble Qur’an

A commentary of three specific chapters from the Noble Qur’an which speak about the spiritual greatness and significance of the only daughter of Prophet Muhammad, Fatima Zahra.

Fatimah al-Ma'sumah (as): a role model for men and women

The daughter of the Prophet (s), a role model for men and women.

Fatima az-Zahra’, The World's Most Outstanding Lady

The historical proceedings of the Prophet's (s) daughter Fatima Az Zahra, from childhood until marriage.

Rawdha, A Garden of Paradise in Madina

In the Name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the All-Merciful

Almighty Allah says in the Holy Qur'an:

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Fatima, The Perfect Role Model

Fatima, The Perfect Role Model

Translated with Additions by Saleem Bhimji

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The Life of Fatimah Az- Zahra', The Principal of all Women: Study and Analysis

This text is a study on the life of Infallible Fatimah (s.a.), the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (S).

Fascinating Discourses of the Fourteen Infallibles (a.s)

This book contains 560 Hadiths which covers many dimensions of the human life & for those seeking solution to the today's world problems.

The Fourteen Luminaries of Islam

Biography of Prophet Muhammad (S), Hadhrat Fatimah Zahra (as), and the Twelve Holy Imams (as)

Tragedy of al-Zahra’: Doubts and Responses

The events which al-Zahra' had to undergo and the tribulations were not directed against just her own self, or against her personality as an individual, as much as transgressing firm Islamic princi

The Virtues of Sayyidah Fatimah (sa)

A collection of hadith by a Sunni Scholar on the virtues and status of Sayyidah Fatimah (sa), the blessed daughter of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Fatimiyyah is ʿAshuraʾ

This text authored presents an analysis of the historic Fadak sermon of Sayyida Fatima (sa).

Beacons of Light

The Prophet of Islam (s), his signs, miracles, biography and family life, and a biography of his daughter Lady Fatima (a).

Manifestation of the Divine Light, A Glimpse into the Spiritual Greatness of Fatima az-Zahra

Manifestation of the Divine Light, A Glimpse into the Spiritual Greatness of Fatima az-Zahra (s.a.)


A brief perspective on the history of Fadak and its forced possession by the caliphate written by Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi

Fatima, the Mother of her Father

Fatima, the Mother of her Father
Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

Fatima Zahra in the words of the Infallibles

This article introduces some of the facets of Fatima al-Zahra's status and personality by relying on the words of the Prophet, the Imams, and Lady Fatima herself.

Lady Fatima’s Role and Influence on Muslim Society

This article is a collection of ideas and opinions on Lady Fatima’s influence in society and the reasons behind her impact in history gathered from the words of three scholars: Huj. Dr.

The Nurturing Role of Lady Fatimah

This article, which addresses Lady Fatimah’s conduct and method of upbringing, seeks to present the life of Lady Fatimah as the applied form of Islam.

Famous Epic Prose

This text is an explanation of Hazrat Zahra's sermon of Fadak with the original text in Arabic of the sermon.

The Position of Lady Fatima al-Zahra (a) in the Verse of Mubahalah from a Sunni Perspective

The interpretation of verses on the high status of Lady Fatima are found in both Shi‘a and Sunni traditional and exegetical sources.

Unclear (Mutashabih) Verses According to the Will of Lady Fatima Al-Zahra

This article examines the personal requests and counsel in the will of Fatima Al-Zahra and offers an analysis of the events that revolved around socio-political issues.

Hazrat Fatema Zahra (sa) Wiladat

This presentation is prepared for the occasion of the birth of Lady Fatima Zahra (a), containing many of her ahadith.

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A Quiet Funeral

A heart-wrenching presentation that describes the scenes of funeral of Lady Fatima, daughter of the Prophet of Allah.

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