Prophet Muhammad - History & Politics

The Life of Muhammad The Prophet

Detailed account of the life and history of Prophet Muhammad (s), including his birth and early life, events in Makkah and Madina, and his final years.

Hayat Al-Qulub Vol. 2

This is the second volume of the three volume series by Allamah Al-Majlisi, titled Hayat al-Qulub (Life of the Hearts).

The Message

The study of the life of Prophet Muhammad, the greatest of all men, is thought- provoking, awe-inspiring and self-enlightening.

Mi’raj, The Night Ascension

Mi'raj in the Qur'an, physical ascension, traditions relating the events which occurred during Mi'raj.

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Personalities: What Non-Muslims Say About Muhammad, The Prophet of Islam

A brief text on what non-Muslims have said about Prophet Muhammad (as), Islam's prophet and final messenger.

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Sunan An-Nabi

This book presents a collection of narrations on the conduct, customs, and actions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S), those that he always performed and those that describe his way of life.

Story of the Holy Ka’aba And its People

A detailed history of the Ka'ba, and each of the 14 Ma'sumin (Infallibles)

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Hayat Al-Qulub Vol.3

Hayat Al Qulub the third volume deals with the topic of Imamate, the appointment of the Imam (a.s.), the inerrancy of the Imams and the obligation of the people to obey them.

Prophet Muhammad [s] - A Brief Biography

Simple account of the life of the final Messenger (s).

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The Unschooled Prophet

One of the highlights in the life of the Prophet (s) is the fact that he was untrained and unschooled.

Prophethood and the Prophet of Islam

This book discusses about general prophethood and particularly to the prophethood of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) and the description of his proclamation as well as a sketch of his character and l

Black Thursday

The text authored by Muhammad Al Tijani Al Samawi presents an english translation of the famous event of Raziyyat Yawm al-Khamees, known as Black Thursday which took place in the last days before t


A biography of the life of the Prophet Muhammad, including a chapter on his ancestors, the settings of Hijaz at that time, and the events surrounding his birth.

Ammar Ibn Yasir (ra) - A Companion of the Prophet ('s)

Biography of Ammar ibn Yasir by Sadruddin Sharafuddin al-Amili

Nahj Al-Fasahah, Height Of Rhetoric

The Height of Rhetoric or the noble book entitled “Nahj Al-Fasahah” is an unparalleled treasure of the eloquent wise sayings of the Holy Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.).

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Beliefs: Why Follow the Family of the Prophet (s)

Why should the Ahlul-bayt or family of the Prophet (saw) be followed? Who is included in the Ahlul-bayt? A brief text that delves into these questions with textual proofs.

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Ethics of The Prophets

This book shows some events that reveal the high traits and the wise behaviors of the prophets. It shows examples and lessons of the mannerism of the prophets.

Military Management in the Battles of the Prophet (s)

A very detailed and fully referenced text about the management, organization and mode of operation of the Islamic military in the battles that the Muslim community engaged in under the leadership o

How Old Was A’yshah When She Married The Prophet Muhammad?

How Old Was A’yshah When She Married The Prophet Muhammad?

Caliphate and Imamate

This full length text presents an historical account of the rulers of the Islamic world from the time of the demise of the Prophet of Islam to the reign of Yazeed bin Mu'awiyah.

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The Divine Wisdom of Prophet Muhammad

The book which is translated by Ihtijaj al-Tabarsi presents a compilation of debates of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) with scholars and representatives of other religions including Judaism, Christianit

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The Holy Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa PowerPoint Presentation

The Holy Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa (SAWW) PowerPoint Presentation

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Fascinating Discourses of the Fourteen Infallibles (a.s)

This book contains 560 Hadiths which covers many dimensions of the human life & for those seeking solution to the today's world problems.

The Fourteen Luminaries of Islam

Biography of Prophet Muhammad (S), Hadhrat Fatimah Zahra (as), and the Twelve Holy Imams (as)

Prophet Muhammad (S), a Divine Mercy for the Worlds

Prophet Muhammad (S), a Divine Mercy for the Worlds
Sh. Mansour Leghaei

The Prophet Muhammad, a Mercy to the World

Along the years lots of books have been written about the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S) but not one more comprehensive and of average length as this one.

The Prophet and Prophetic Tradition - The Last Prophet and Universal Man

Prophethood in Islam, the role of Prophet Muhammad (s), characteristics and perfection of the Prophet.

Lessons from the Holy Prophet of Islam (S)

The present work is a collection of excerpts from Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei’s statements about the personality, characteristics and be’that of the Holy Prophet of Islam (s.w.a.).

The Perfect Role Model: The Prophet of Islam

This book introduces the Noble Prophet of Islam (s) as the role model for all of mankind and the best example for Muslims of all ages.

Beacons of Light

The Prophet of Islam (s), his signs, miracles, biography and family life, and a biography of his daughter Lady Fatima (a).

Prophecies About The Holy Prophet of Islam

A short text shedding light on the prophecies predicting the arrival of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) in older scriptures of different faiths.

The Prophets Spiritual State at the Time of His Mission

In this paper the author studies some major aspects of the life of the Prophet Muhammad at the beginning of his mission, especially the way he received revelation from God.

A Glimpse of the Character Traits of the Prophet Muhammad, Part I

In this paper, the author reviews the life and conduct of Prophet Muhammad (s) in a scholarly manner focusing specifically on his exemplary standard of morality and his forbearance towards others.

The Prophet’s Attitude towards Children and Youth

A text on Prophet Muhammad’s (S) attitude towards children and youth.

Justice, Peace and Prophet Muhammad

A short text on the topic of Islamic emphasis on justice and peace between peoples of differing backgrounds and religions, as seen through Qur'anic verses and the honorable treatment of his opponen

History of Islam up to the Demise of the Prophet (S)

This book presents the history of Islam and Arabian Peninsula before the advent of Islam and up till the death of the Prophet Muhammad.

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Was Muhammad (S) a Prophet of Terror?!

Was Muhammad (S) a Prophet of Terror?!
Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

The Bright Lights of Guidance

The present book is a collection of sermons delivered by the well known religious scholar Mr Hajj Sayyid Muhammad Ali ibn al-Ridha Khansary.

Eating and Drinking Conduct of Prophet Muhammad

Considering all the narrations (hadiths) regarding the etiquette and conduct of the Prophet with regards to eating and drinking, we find answers to questions such as: When, why, and how did the Pro

Moral Governance of Prophet Muhammad (s) Part 1

The prophets’ aims in spreading the message were to teach monotheism, ethics, and religious law.

The Prophet’s last Prayer

A detailed account of the last moments of the Prophet and his instructions at the point of death about his succession.

The Influence of the Character of Prophet Muhammad (s) on the Spread of Islam during the Meccan Period

This article discusses the role and personality of the Holy Prophet (s) during the early days of his mission.

The Practice of the Holy Prophet (S) and Muslim Leaders in Dealing with Ideological Opponents

This article illustrates the practice of the Holy Prophet (S) and the first Caliphs in dealing with opponents, and demonstrates that using differences as a pretext to declare other Muslims as kaafi

Moral Governance of Prophet Muhammad (s) Part 2

In this part, Prophet Muhammad’s ethical management of the economy in the Islamic state will be studied.

Foremost in Faith

A Collection of Lectures delivered by Maulana Syed Mohammad Jaffer Zaidi Shaheed concerning the high status of the Prophet (S) and his Ahlul Bayt (as) in the Light of Traditions and various Ayat f

Moral Governance of Prophet Muhammad (s) Part 4: Culture & Education

This text focuses on the Prophet's own ethical conduct as the perfect exemplar, and his efforts to eradicate differences based on tribe, gender, race, and social class to create a system grounded o

Prophet Muhammad (s) - View by Non-Muslims

This presentation is a collection of quotes of famous non-Muslim scholars, political activists, writers and historians about Propher Muhammad (s).

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The Prophet and International Humanitarian Law

International Humanitarian Law is a body of laws enacted in the four conventions of Geneva in 1949 and the two annexed protocols in 1977 but they can be found in fundamental principles of religions

Moral Governance of Prophet Muhammad (s) Part 3: Peace & War, Judiciary & Politics

This part of the series of articles studies his peace- making strategies as well as managing war and dealing with opposition within and outside Medina, such as the Prophet's emphasis on use of cons

Tolerance in the Teachings of the Great Prophet and in Liberalism: A Contrastive Analysis

This paper addresses the issue of tolerance in Islam and the teachings of the holy Prophet (S) in this regard and the fundamental differences between the views of Islam and liberalism regarding tol

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The Phenomenon of Emotion in the Normative Conduct and Precedents of the Noble Prophet

In this text the author examines the way the Noble Prophet used his emotions and feelings to perfect and strengthen his belief in God and acting all the time upon these beliefs.