Resurrection & Afterlife - Belief & Creed

Death: a beautiful Gift for a believer

Death: a beautiful Gift for a believer

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The Hereafter (Ma'ad)

A detailed account of humanity’s experience of death, and the stages beyond it, including the status in one’s grave, Barzakh, the Day of Judgment (Qiyamah), and the final recourse in Heaven or Hell

Day of Judgement

This text discusses in detail the nature of death and the life beyond it.

The Last Journey, Translation of Manazil Al- Akhirah

The Last Journey is an amazing book that explains in an extensive manner the processes involved in the act of death and their meaning.

Resurrection, Judgement and the Hereafter

Aspects of death, pleasures of this world, evidence for resurrection, resurrection a manifestation of Divine justice, compensation for sins, and criterion for Judgement.

What Everyone Should Know about Islam

This book focuses on the principles of religion which are relevant to the thought and soul of human beings, reason and intellect follow it, and deeds and movement of human beings spring forth from

Resurrection (Ma’ad) in the Quran

Discussions on Resurrection and life after death from Islamic perspective.

Eternal Life (Life After Death)

What happens when we die? Is that the end of everything or is that the beginning of everything? What does Afterlife, Purgatory and the Day of Judgement mean?

Principles of the Shi’ite Creed

A brief and concise text about the primary principles of the Islamic beliefs to familiarize themselves and their acquaintances with them.

Barzakh (Purgatory)

In this text, Shaheed Dastghaib has presented arguments, verses and traditions concerning Barzakh.

Eternity of Man

A philosophical discourse about the nature of eternity, and regarding man's true self (the soul) necessarily subsisting eternally.

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Stages of the Life Hereafter, the Path to Eternity

This book presents the journey of hereafter in twelve stages, from the last moments of death to sirat al-Mustaqeem in hereafter.

Inscriptions of the Gates of Paradise & Hell

Inscriptions of the Gates of Paradise & Hell

Source: Bihar Al-Anwar, V.8, P.144

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Let’s learn about Resurrection

The third volume of the Let's learn... series is a collection of ten main lessons dealing with the subjects related to the Resurrection.

Resurrection, Ma'ad

The present work discusses the subject of "Resurrection", which is one of the volumes of the "Splendid Light of Wisdom" Collection with the aim to increase the level of knowledge in the young gener

Stages of the Hereafter, the Path to Eternity

This text, based on the book Manazil al-Akhira by the Late Marhoom Abbas al-Qummi will take the reader step by step from the moment the soul departs from the body up to the gate of either Paradise

The Witnessing and Recording of Deeds

This article analyses the verses of the Qur’an that describe the Day of Judgement, reminding us that that we are being watched by our guardian angels, our organs, and all beings surrounding us, and

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