Effect on the Children

It is no secret that songs, music and films depend upon sex-appeal for their success. The more sexy a song the more its sale and the more suggestive a music the more its market value. And also it is no secret that building the character of the children begins from their very tender age. If they are exposed to obscene songs, sexy music and suggestive dances in their childhood their entire outlook on the matters of sex morality and marriage-sanctity will become jaundiced. They will lose the capacity to distinguish between moral and immoral modesty and immodesty, chastity and promiscuity.

Some people think that the children do not understand these things! Such people are wrong.
Thus, by listening to the songs and seeing the dance on television, we ruin the moral uprightness of our children. If we believe that children are given to us by Allah as a trust and that we are responsible to give them such a training that they become good Muslims and virtuous servants of Allah, then we must abstain from songs and music and must keep them safe from the evil influence of these sinful habits. You will find this subject adequately explained in the Appendix.