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You should nicely explain to her the facts which you reached to. Try to give her the evidence which she can understand and accept. Many Sikh persons embraced Islam and became good Muslims following Ahlul Bayt (AS). You can use their evidence and writings to convince your wife.

If she insists on refusing Islam, then you as a Muslim will not be allowed to continue with a non Muslim wife.


Allah (SWT) The Most Merciful Will grant the believers in Paradise what ever they wish, as we read in Quran (Sura 43, Verse 71) and also in Sura 50, Verse 35.

That does not mean that all the believers in Paradise are in the same degree or rank. Degrees and ranks in Paradise are according to good deeds.

A pious virgin in Paradise will be granted what she wishes according to her degree. Allah's Mercy is over all and it will be more than our imaginations.


Temporary marriage (Mut'ah marriage) is an Islamic marriage which saves those who can not afford permanent marriage. You and her can agree on Mahr and time for the contract. If she is a virgin Muslim girl, her father's permission will be required. She can put a condition on you not to take her virginity until you have permanent marriage.

You can read on this website more details about temporary marriage (Mut'ah marriage) or ask your local Shia mosque scholars about its rules in Shariah.


The issue of proving or denying the marriage of Jesus was a matter of discussion between many Christians. Catholics deny any marriage of Jesus, that is why Catholic priests do not marry, while many other Christians say that he got married and their priests marry. Mary the Magdalene has been mentioned in many Christian books as a wife of Jesus. 

We Muslims have no authentic evidence from Quran or Sunnah to stand firmly with or against the issue of the marriage of Jesus. Both possibilities are there.

If we take any of the two possibilities, there are valid reasons to justify it. Marriage is highly recommended in the Shari'a of Islam but we know that the Shari'a of previous prophets can differ in some parts.