Contrary to what some people say, that ideological matters do not have any effect on human life, we think that these are matters which form our way of living and lead it accordingly to our ideas and beliefs.

Someone who does not believe in the Source of the Universe, the God of the Worlds and in Resurrection and the Day of Judgement will not have any relation with God, nor can he open an account in the Next World to derive the benefits of his deeds. He will find himself without any obligation and will do such things which a man believing in God and the Next World would never do. He won’t be related to God and he will be indifferent to God’s guidance or the guides who have come from Him to human beings.

Even the social relations of man are linked to ideological matters. Someone who believes in God and the Day of Judgement won’t indulge in crimes, cheating, unjust dealings, oppression and exploitation of others.

Because of the deep relation between ideological matters and human life, it is necessary for everyone to study them

In order to place at the disposal of our sisters and brothers who are seekers of the Truth, we have prepared a set of thirty lessons in which such ideological matters and these issues have been propounded and solved in a simple and concise way.

This text can also be used as text book in religious classes for youngsters. We hope you will find it beneficial and effective.

Any questions and comment to improve these lessons will be welcomed.

May Allah help all the seekers of Truth and reality.

English Department of Dar Rah e-Haq
Rabi’al-Awwal, 1402,
January, 1982