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If the blood stopped before Fajr, you must fast that day, but if the blood stopped after Fajr, then no fast in that day and you need to perform a Qadha fast for every day missed because of menstruation or illness or traveling.

In case the blood stopped but no time for Ghusl, Tayammum must be preformed in stead of Ghusl.


She must perform Ghusl and Wudhu and pray and fast. Ghusl is obligatory before Fajr for medium Istihadha.bin excessive istihadha Ghusl is obligatory three times; before Fajr prayer and before Dhuhr prayer and before Maghrib prayer.

She is not allowed to leave fasting or leave praying just because of Istihadha.



Thank you for your question. It is not considered tahir, but if the amount is less then the tip of the thumb to the first crease on your thumb, then it is alright to pray with that amount of blood as long as it has not come into contact with water. For the specific amount of blood there may be differences in opinion and so please also refer to the book of Islamic laws of your Marja.

May you always be successful 

Yes, your Ghusl is valid whether your tongue was injuries or not and whether you had a blood inside your mouth or not.