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The grave is the beginning stage of Hereafter (Aakhirah). The grave of the believer is a garden from the Paradise, while the grave of the disbeliever is a part from the Hellfire.

Talqeen which is recited for very dead person mentions the main questions which are: Who is your Lord? Who is your prophet? Who are your Imams? etc.

The questions about the faith are the main questions in the grave. Nevertheless, our deeds will have an effect in out grave. Good deeds will have very good reflection in the grave, while bad deeds will have bad reflection as well.


"…Said those who prevailed in the matter, "We will surely take [for ourselves] over them a masjid." Quran 18:21

We can understand from this ayah, about the people of the cave, the permissibility of building masajid at burial sights of respected individuals.

Also, refer to Kamil al Ziyarat for many narrations about the significance of visiting Imam Hussain's (as) shrine.

No one from us can suggest the exact nature of time in the grave, and how dead persons feel the time in their graves, simply because we have not yet experienced it. 

What we know for sure according to Quran and authentic Hadeeths that the grave of the believer will be like a garden from Paradise, while the grave of non believer will be a ditch from the hellfire. No doubt, there is morning and evening felt in the grave because we read in Quran that the punishment of Firaon and his supporters will be exposure to fire in the morning and evening النار يُعرًضون عليها غُدوا وعًشيا.(Sura 40, verse 46).


No, it was not shifted. Ruqayyah Bit Al-Husain (AS) passed away in the same place where her grave is now. Yazeed put the captives from Ahlul Bayt (AS) when they reached to Shaam in a ruined ground not too far from his palace in Damascus. Ruqayyah was crying for her father Imam Husain (AS). Yazeed sent to her the head of her father covered in a tray. She got deadly shock when she saw the head of her father and passed away. She was buried in the same place.