Map of Jerusalem Places to Visit:

Baitul Muqaddas


Baitul Muqaddas

Pilgrimage sites

1 Masjid al-Aqsa (Dome of the Rock)
  • Prayer-niche (mihrab) of Imam Ali, peace be upon him
  • Room of Maryam, mother of Prophet Isa, peace be upon them
  • Room in which there are the mosallas of forty prophets
2 Masjid Sakhra
  • Sakhratullah: reported hillock from where Prophet Muhammad [s] ascended (me'raj)
  • Mosalla of nine prophets
  • The tongue of the stone that replied Prophet Muhammad [s]
  • Mosallas of Prophet Dawood [a], Prophet Sulaiman [a], Prophet Ibrahim [a], Prophet Muhammad [s], and Archangel Jibrail [a]
3 Tomb of Bibi Maryam [a], the mother of Prophet Isa [a]
4 The Cave of Prophets (ghar al-anbiya): between Jerusalem and Damascus
5 According to the book "Umra and Ziyarat", tomb of Prophet Uzair [a] - between Jerusalem and Damascus. (Isn't he supposed to be one of the four prophets still alive?)
6 Tomb of Prophet Musa [a]: 10 miles from Jerusalem

Historic sites

1 Court room of Prophet Sulaiman [a]
2 Stable made by Prophet Sulaiman [a] - now closed
3 Well of Rooh - now closed

Hebron - Khalil al-Rahman

Pilgrimage sites


Tomb of Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him.


Tomb of Sarah, wife of Prophet Ibrahim and mother of Prophet Ishaq, peace be upon them.


Tomb of Prophet Ishaq, son of Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon them.


Tomb of Rifka, wife of Prophet Ishaq, peace be upon them.


Tomb of Prophet Ya'qub, son of Prophet Ishaq, peace be upon them.


Tomb of Lanika, wife of Prophet Ya'qub, peace be upon them.


Tomb of Prophet Yusuf, son of Prophet Ya'qub, peace be upon them.