This Book

This project was, initially, only to investigate the best book written about the personality of al-’Abbas ibn ‘Ali and then translate it into English. I, having searched the libraries, unfortunately found only few books dealing completely with this personality. Nevertheless, there were books full of topics not related, directly, to the personality of al-’Abbas. Therefore, I, after discussing the matter with Mr. Ansariyan, was asked to choose topics related to the life and personality of al-’Abbas ibn ‘Ali from the reference books that I could have, and then compile them in a book.

During this work, I have mainly depended upon three books:`

1. Al-Muqarram, Sayyid Abd-ur-Razzaq al-Musawi, Al-’Abbas. Ash-Sharif ar-Radhi Publications, Qum. First Edition.

2. Al-Qarashi, Baqir Sharif, Al-’Abbas ibn ‘Ali: The pioneer of dignity and sacrifice in Islam. Mehdiyyeh Publications, Qum. First Edition, 2000 A.D. 1420 A.H.

3. Al-Kulbasi, Ayatollah Hajji Muhammad Ibrahim, Al- Khassaaiss ul-’Abbasiyya (The Particularities of al-’Abbas), Al- Maktaba al-Haydariyya Publications, Qum. First Edition, 2000 A.D. 1420 A.H.

Besides these, I referred to other reference books that dealt with this personality whose heroism and high moral standards are too great to be contained.

As a matter of fact, all books dealing with the tragic story of Karbala have referred, though in brief, to the personality of al- ‘Abbas ibn ‘Ali. Yet, they have not referred to all the topics and details of his life. His position in Karbala was unique and unmatched in all its dimensions, so it has taken all the time for such authors to make appear other valuable aspects of his life, though important and worthy of reference, seem minor when compared to his standing with his brother, family members, harem of the household of Prophet Muhammad (S) and the companions of his brother on that day in Karbala. These situations still serve as loadstars for everyone who seeks freedom, dignity, and honor.

This book has ten chapters related to the whole lifetime of al-’Abbas ibn ‘Ali along with factors, matters, and circumstances that contributed to the formation of his great personality, such as the hereditary factors, the family and social environment, and the political circumstances that happened during his lifetime.

There is also a chapter dedicated to the discussion of al-’Abbas’ moral standards, personality, and capabilities that qualified him to play that great role in the greatest saga of Islam, which occurred in Karbala, on the tenth of Muharram, AH 61 - the encounter that was inevitable for sake of saving Islam from distortion, if not complete eradication.

Another chapter is dedicated to the words of the immaculate Imams that were said about al-’Abbas ibn ‘Ali. I have also referred to the handsome shrine of al-’Abbas that is pilgrimaged by thousands of people every day. It represents the courageous, enthusiastic hero who had offered his two hands, before he offered his soul for his Lord and religion, for the sake of freeing people from wrong and oppression.

This hero is one whose name has become the sign of valor and courage and whose intercession is sought for solving any problem, no matter how complicated it is, because he has enjoyed a special, exalted rank in the sight of God.

I hope the reader will forgive any, certainly unintentional, neglect or shortcoming that he may notice in this work. No one, however, is perfect!

Finally, I supplicate to Almighty God to help me, out of His infinite mercy, and lead me, as well as everybody, to success, for His being is the one and only source of success.