This book is the second in a series on Fundamental Aspects of Islamic Culture, specially written for young readers or anyone wanting a simplified version of Basic Islamic Doctrines.

The first book developed a few simple concepts, such as the Omnipotence of Allah, the Creator and Bestower of Blessings on mankind as well as other pillars that are fundamental to Islam, like Judgement Day, life in the Hereafter, Angels, etc... All aspects are very basic in presenting a glimpse of the comprehensiveness of the great Islamic religion.

This volume focuses mainly on the behaviour of man as a moral being under the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (s). It tackles the issues of what makes up good conduct and how it is practised by a true believer as part of Islam being a complete way of life.

Most discussion can be said to be simple common sense towards righteous behaviour and building a moral society beneficial not only to the life of this world but also towards seeking the pleasure of Allah for the life in the Hereafter. It is this very nature of being so basic that often means the small important things in life are forgotten and from this aspect alone this book may prove enlightening.

As servants of Allah, we are all humble in His Hands and we trust that this offering helps to put our personal mission on earth into perspective.

Glory is to Allah and to Allah alone.

Al-Balagh Foundation