Man is innately curious about ‘causes’ and it is this same quality that has impelled him to seek the origin or the primary cause of existence. As far as God is concerned, everyone seeks Him in a different way. However, to prove His existence, the Glorious Quran has taught us to use simple but strong reasonings. Among such reasonings, the Quran has put more stress on the ‘reasoning of order’. The proof, which is attainable through study and contemplation in the secrets and wonders of creation and the tremendous harmony, concord and consistency embedded in it.

This work, through the ‘reasoning of order’ deals with theology (knowing god) and oneness, the attributes of God, the different types of oneness and also justice.

This book is part of ideological collection of “Youths and Truths” with topics such as: Knowing God, Resurrection, Prophethood and the Prophet of Islam, Introduction to Islam, Rights and duties of Women, Imamate and the Imams, Youth and Spouse Selection. All these volumes are written by Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini, who has succeeded to author this collection based on years of delving into religious texts and sources, constant contact with the young generation and pondering over ideological and educational issues.