A Glance at the Created World

In the morning you see how the sun rises gently from behind the mountains and what beauty it carries and how it illuminates the plains and fields. Truly what beauty and clarity this illuminated ball bestows to the mountains and plains! Just think! If the sun does not arise and all the time it is only a dark night what we would have done? Have you thought how the sun got such light and heat? Do you know how much is the volume of the sun?

The volume of the sun is approximately a million times that of the earth. That is if the sun was a ball empty from inside, it would have accommodated nearly one million earths inside it. The surface temperature of this fiery ball is 6000 degrees centigrade. You know that with all this heat how it heats up this earth and all that is on it. Since it is situated at an appropriate and determined distance (at a distance of around 150 million kilometers) it conveys only necessary light and elements to the earth.

No one knows what would have happened if the distance of the sun to the earth had not been as such. If the distance of the sun to the earth had been less than this; for example it had been half of this, what would have happened? It is definite that no living being would have been able to survive on its surface, and the heat of the sun would have scorched all the plants, animals and human beings. If the distance of the sun to the earth had been more than this; for example if it had been twice than what it is at present, what would have happened?

In that case, sufficient light and heat would not have reached the earth and everything would have frozen to death. All the water would have frozen to ice and no life would have survived. Thus it is clear that this distance is linked to an awareness, precision, determination and foresight.

It is through the light and heat of the sun that pretty bunches of wheat reach such ripeness; it is as a result of the hot rays of the sun that all vegetation and trees reach maturity and provide fruits and food for us human beings. Different types of foods that we obtain are prepared through the energy of the sun. It is in fact the energy of the sun, which collects in all plants and food articles and we gain energy from them. Animals also benefit from the energy stored in plants and they transfer them to us in form of animal food. For example, they feed on grass and provide us with milk and we also benefit from the meat and other secondary foods based on milk and meat.

What do you understand by contemplating on the glory and beauty of the sun, its precise and determined distance to the earth, benefit of the plants, animals and human beings from the heat and energy of the sun? And what do you conclude after seeing and pondering on the perpetuity and amazing compatibility of all the parts of the world? What do you see? Do you see an unsystematic and incompatible collection or a collection which is great and perfectly compatible; of which we are also a part. What can you conclude from the system and compatibility of this precise collection?

System and precision, which encompasses all the parts of this world, what does it show? Can you reply to this query in a foolish way and say: The creator of this great system is a being who is unaware, ignorant and powerless? Such a reply would never be accepted by our awakened conscience and wise intellect. On the contrary it would say: The intricate system and the coherence and perpetuity of this great collection is a sign of the greatness, power and awareness of a superior creator who is capable of creating and controlling the beings of this world in this way and he had the foresight to know from before the needs of each of them perfectly and gave them the capacity to fulfill them. He also determined the path and aim for each of them. Who is that powerful and knowing creator?

That knowing and powerful creator is none but God, who has created all the bounties for us and which He has given under our control. He created the sun, moon and earth for us so that we might through efforts and cooperation, inhabit the earth and by obtaining knowledge and learning, discover the secrets and amazements and look at the great signs of our creator and Lord and through confidential prayers beseech Him:

The highest and the best condition of man is when he supplicates his Lord and beseeches Him in secret. And if supplication and secret prayer to his God had not been there, what value life would have had? How worthless man would have been?

You contemplate on the creation of the night and day and every morning and evening you recite confidential supplications to the creator of the night and day. You know that night and day is due to rotation of the earth. Every night and day completes one rotation. Half the earth which comes before the sun is illuminated and it is day over there and the other half is dark and it is night over there. By rotation of the earth, the day seems to be entering the night and the night seems to be entering the day and days and nights follow each other in a systematic way. During the day, plants and trees grow under the light and heat of the sun. Human beings become involved in efforts and work renovated by the rest they got during the night and begin a new day with more vigor and supplication to the Almighty.

Have you ever thought what would have happened if the rotation of the earth had not been so systematic and precise? In some parts of the earth there would have been perpetual nights and in some parts there would have been continuous day; hot and scorching. Appearance of day and night are also clear signs of the power, greatness and awareness of the wise and powerful creator of the world.

Three Important Points

1. We should look in the world of creation, and ponder and realize the system, coherence and compatibility of its innumerable parts and ask: “Who has created this world and who controls it?”

2. The great and systematic collection of the world of creation is clear evidence that: “A knowing and powerful creator has created it and only He controls it, and He is God.”

3. The knowing and powerful God who has created the world has also determined duties for our growth and success; the most important of which may be listed as follows:

A) We look at the signs of the greatness and power of our Lord and contemplate on it.

B) That we discover the secrets and amazing aspects of the world through knowledge and learning.

C) That we gain proximity to Him through worship and supplications.

D) That we inhabit the earth through efforts and cooperation and spread justice and equity in it.