Karbala: A Divine Decree

Night of 5th Muharram, 1424 AH, 2003
- We know of several reasons why Imam Husayn (a) went to Karbala, for example, the political situation, and to reform society. But there is another reason as well that is evidenced by Imam Husayn's actions words, as well as the vision that Imam Husayn (a) had when he visited the grave of the Prophet (s) before setting forth. The reason is because Allah wanted him to go.
- Questions: How did the Imam (a) gain knowledge of the unseen for certain things, when Allah alone has knowledge of all the ghayb? And, if the Imam (a) knew that Allah had decreed he would die, how can he be a role model for us?
- The scholars have given several reasons to the first question.
a) Departmentalization of knowledge where God shares some knowledge with the awliyaa'
b) Some knowledge is fixed and determined. God alone knows that. Some other knowledge is changing (for example, if someone is good to his parents, Allah will lengthen his life).
c) Imams (a) potentially had power to learn it, Allah provided the knowledge if it is in the wisdom of Allah to teach it. If it is a test of the Imam Allah may withhold such knowledge.
d) If someone is close enough to Allah he will gain such knowledge, although there is some knowledge (like the essence of Allah) which cannot be learned.
What about verse 2:95 Qur'an that says you should not plunge yourself into death?
a) Imam (a) was living in world of unseens and factors are different. Examples from the actions of Khidr in the presence of Musa.
b) Death in this verse is not physical death, but rather death in society or death in other aspects
c) Sometimes death is more important than life
- The story of Habeeb ibn Madhaahir (r). Ilm al-ghayb was shared even with the companions who were close to the Imams (a).Source: www.hujjat.org