The Promotion of Evil and The Prevention of Good

That is why in one hadith, Rasul Allah salla Allahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam, he spoke about this, 1400, 1500 years ago. In one hadith, it is narrated that, he told the sahaba [companions] one day: "kayfa bikum idha fasaqa shababakum wa fasadat nisa'ukum wa antum la t'amaroona bi 'l-m'aroof wa la tanhauna 'an al-munkar'.

A day will come, he tells the sahaba, that your youth will be corrupt and your women will be evil and corrupt, and you men, you will not enjoin the good, you won't encourage the good, nor will you discourage the good [evil]. You say, it is not my business. Subhana Allah! Look at the sahaba how innocent they are. They say, "Aw yakuna dhalika ya Rasul Allah?"- Will this actually happen one day? They are so innocent. Let them come see what is goin on today.

Rasul Allah tells them, yeah, 'wa sharrun min dhalik', wait wait, its worse than that. "Kayfa bikum idha amartum bi 'l-munkar wa nahaytum 'ala al-maroof'. A day will come not only you will say it is not business, I won't encourage the good, I won't discourage the bad, the evil, a day they will come in which you will encourage people to do immoral things. You will encourage people to do bad, and you will discourage them from doing good.

Just like in France, a girl that wants to be modest and wear a long skirt, she is discouraged and kicked out of class. They tell them, 'A wa yakunu dhalika?', no way! Are you joking ya Rasul Allah? Willl this happen? He says, "Wait... 'wa sharrun min dhalik. Kayfa bikum" and this is the final level of the human beings turning into animals, and completely losing their morals, and the destruction of the morals of the human beings.

"Kayfa bikum idha ra'iytum munkar al-m'aroofa wa m'aroofaka'. A day will come in which you will see good things as bad, and bad things as good. Your moral system will be completely upside down, your standards.

If a person wears a hijab, she is [considered] backwards. They see this as bad. But if she goes out naked in the public, she is [considered] modern, she is good. If a person wants to be modest, this is bad. If a person wants to be immodest, this is good. Where are the morals? Where are the manners? Everything is the other way around. Everything is upside down. What is going on brothers and sisters?

'Nastajiru bil'Llah' (we must seek refuge in Allah). What is going to happen in 100 years, in 200 years , in 500 years?

If there are no morals, there is no religion, human beings I won't say will become animals they will become far worse than animals. Because even animals, they have their thoughts. But some human beings have absolutely no manners.

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