Editor’s Note

Wahhabism is one of the most important books that deals in depth with the history and reality of its fake and deviated ideology when seen in the light of Holy Qur’an and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (S). The author, Ayatullah Ja’far Subhani needs no introduction as he is an authority on the topic and has written several books on related issues. It will be evident for the reader that Wahhabism has nothing to do with real Islam – neither Sunni nor Shia. The author has discussed the creed of Wahhabism from various aspects from the ayahs of Qur’an and ahadith (traditions) of Prophet Muhammad (S) and the history of Islam from authentic Sunni sources.

The second edition has been thoroughly revised by the author with addition of one more chapter. The translation of the first edition by Jalil Durrani was adopted as base for the preparation of second edition. It was reviewed word for word and errors were corrected. Transliteration was minimized for easy word search and to avoid confusion. References to traditions were checked and corrections were made as well as the translation of ayahs of Qur’an. Footnotes were added extensively to provide additional details about famous historians, religious scholars and intellectuals and their leading books. Selected bibliography was added to enlist books referred by the author to discuss various aspects of Wahhabism. Appendices are added to provide additional information for the interested readers.

In particular, appendix 2 provides few ahadith (traditions) of Prophet Muhammad (S) predicting the sedition of Wahhabism from Najd. Appendix 4 provides complete citation of books and articles published in modern Western literature about Wahhabism and its various forms and its role in global terrorism especially Middleeast. Appendix 5 provides a list of important books written by leading Muslim scholars for the rebuttal of Wahhabism. Glossary is added to provide simple definitions of relevant religious concepts and terms. We hope that this book will be a source of valuable information for the readers against ever growing threat of Wahhabism.

Ahmad Abdullah Martin