The Wrongdoers

[2:26] Surely Allah is not ashamed to set forth any parable, (that of) a gnat or anything above that; then as for those who believe, they know that it is the truth from their Lord, and as for those who disbelieve, they say: What is it that Allah means by this parable: He causes many to err by it and many He leads aright by it! But He does not cause to err by it (any) except the transgressors,

[2:27] Who break the covenant of Allah after its confirmation and cut asunder what Allah has ordered to be joined, and make mischief in the land; these it is that are the losers.

[2:86] These are they who buy the life of this world for the hereafter, so their chastisement shall not be lightened nor shall they be helped.

[2:114] And who is more unjust than he who prevents (men) from the masjids of Allah, that His name should be remembered in them, and strives to ruin them? (As for) these, it was not proper for them that they should have entered them except in fear; they shall meet with disgrace in this world, and they shall have great chastisement in the hereafter.

[2:174] Surely those who conceal any part of the Book that Allah has revealed and take for it a small price, they eat nothing but fire into their bellies, and Allah will not speak to them on the day of resurrection, nor will He purify them, and they shall have a painful chastisement.

[2:175] These are they who buy error for the right direction and chastisement for forgiveness; how bold they are to encounter fire.

[2:204] And among men is he whose speech about the life of this world causes you to wonder, and he calls on Allah to witness as to what is in his heart, yet he is the most violent of adversaries.

[2:205] And when he turns back, he runs along in the land that he may cause mischief in it and destroy the tilth and the stock, and Allah does not love mischief-making.

[2:206] And when it is said to him, guard against (the punishment of) Allah; pride carries him off to sin, therefore hell is sufficient for him; and certainly it is an evil resting place.

[3:75] And among the followers of the Book there are some such that if you entrust one (of them) with a heap of wealth, he shall pay it back to you; and among them there are some such that if you entrust one (of them) with a dinar he shall not pay it back to you except so long as you remain firm in demanding it; this is because they say: There is not upon us in the matter of the unlearned people any way (to reproach); and they tell a lie against Allah while they know.

[3:77] (As for) those who take a small price for the covenant of Allah and their own oaths, surely they shall have no portion in the hereafter, and Allah will not speak to them, nor will He look upon them on the day of resurrection nor will He purify them, and they shall have a painful chastisement.

[4:107] And do not plead on behalf of those who act unfaithfully to their souls; surely Allah does not love him who is treacherous, sinful;

[4:108] They hide themselves from men and do not hide themselves from Allah, and He is with them when they meditate by night words which please Him not, and Allah encompasses what they do.

[4:111] And whoever commits a sin, he only commits it against his own soul; and Allah is Knowing, Wise.

[4:112] And whoever commits a fault or a sin, then accuses of it one innocent, he indeed takes upon himself the burden of a calumny and a manifest sin.

[6:21] And who is more unjust than he who forges a lie against Allah or (he who) gives the lie to His communications; surely the unjust will not be successful

[6:120] And abandon open and secret sin; surely they who earn sin shall be recompensed with what they earned..

[6:138] And they say: These are cattle and tilth prohibited, none shall eat them except such as We please, so they assert, and cattle whose backs are forbidden, and cattle on which they would not mention Allah's name, forging a lie against Him; He shall requite them for what they forged.

[6:139] And they say: What is in the wombs of these cattle is specially for our males, and forbidden to our wives, and if it be stillborn, then they are all partners in it; He will reward them for their attributing (falsehood to Allah); surely He is Wise, Knowing.

[7:28] And when they commit an indecency they say: We found our fathers doing this, and Allah has enjoined it on us. Say: Surely Allah does not enjoin indecency; do you say against Allah what you do not know?

[7:51] (Curse of Allah be on those) Who take their religion for an idle sport and a play and this life's world deceives them; so today We forsake them, as they neglected the meeting of this day of theirs and as they denied Our communications.

[10:27] And (as for) those who have earned evil, the punishment of an evil is the like of it, and abasement shall come upon them, they shall have none to protect them from Allah, as if their faces had been covered with slices of the dense darkness of night; these are the inmates of the fire; in it they shall abide.

[11:15] Whoever desires this world's life and its finery, We will pay them in full their deeds therein, and they shall not be made to. suffer loss in respect of them.

[11:16] These are they for whom there is nothing but fire in the hereafter, and what they wrought in it shall go for nothing, and vain is what they do.

[13:6] And they ask you to hasten on the evil before the good, and in- deed there have been exemplary punishments before them; and most surely your Lord is the Lord of forgiveness to people, notwithstanding their injustice; and most surely your Lord is severe in requiting (evil).

[14:28] Have you not seen those who have changed Allah's favor for ungratefulness and made their people to alight into the abode of perdition

[14:29] (Into) hell? They shall enter into it and an evil place it is to settle in.

[16:45] Do they then who plan evil (deeds) feel secure (of this) that Allah will not cause the earth to swallow them or that punishment may not overtake them from whence they do not perceive?

[16:46] Or that He may not seize them in the course of their journeys, then shall they not escape;

[16:47] Or that He may not seize them by causing them to suffer gradual loss, for your Lord is most surely Compassionate, Merciful.

[24:23] Surely those who accuse chaste believing women, unaware (of the evil), are cursed in this world and the hereafter, and they shall have a grievous chastisement.

[29:4] Or do they who work evil think that they will escape Us? Evil is it that they judge!

[33:58] And those who speak evil things of the believing men and the believing women without their having earned (it), they are guilty indeed of a false accusation and a manifest sin.

[35:8] What! Is he whose evil deed is made fair-seeming to him so much so that he considers it good? Now surely Allah makes err whom He pleases and guides aright whom He pleases, so let not your soul waste away in grief for them; surely Allah is Cognizant of what they do

[43:17] And when one of them is given news of that (daughters) of which he sets up as a likeness for the Beneficent Allah, his face becomes black and he is full of rage.

[45:21] Nay! Do those who have wrought evil deeds think that We will make them like those who believe and do good, that their life and their death shall be equal? Evil it is that they judge.

[49:6] O you who believe! If an evil-doer comes to you with a report, look carefully into it, lest you harm a people in ignorance, then be sorry for what you have done.

[57:22] No evil befalls on the earth nor in your own souls, but it is in a book before We bring it into existence; surely that is easy to Allah:

[57:23] So that you may not grieve for what has escaped you, nor be exultant at what He has given you; and Allah does not love any arrogant boaster:

[57:24] Those who are niggardly and enjoin niggardliness on men; and whoever turns back, then surely Allah is He Who is the Self-sufficient, the Praised.

[68:7] Surely your Lord best knows him who errs from His way, and He best knows the followers of the right course.

[68:8] (O Believers) So do not yield to the rejecters.

[68:9] They wish that you (Muhammad) should be pliant so they (too) would be pliant.

[68:10] And yield not to any mean swearer

[68:11] Defamer, going about with slander

[68:12] Forbidder of good, outstepping the limits, sinful,

[68:13] Ignoble, besides all that, base-born;

[68:14] Because he possesses wealth and sons.

[68:15] When Our communications are recited to him, he says: Stories of those of yore.

[68:16] We will brand him on the nose.

[89:17] Nay! But you do not honor the orphan,

[89:18] Nor do you urge one another to feed the poor,

[89:19] And you eat away the heritage, devouring (everything) indiscriminately,

[89:20] And you love wealth with exceeding love.

[89:21] Nay! When the earth is made to crumble to pieces,

[89:22] And your Lord comes and (also) the angels in ranks,

[89:23] And hell is made to appear on that day. On that day shall man be mindful, and what shall being mindful (then) avail him?

[104:1] Woe to every slanderer, defamer,

[104:2] Who amasses wealth and considers it a provision (against mishap);

[104:3] He thinks that his wealth will make him immortal.

[104:4] Nay! He shall most certainly be hurled into the crushing disaster,

[104:5] And what will make you realize what the crushing disaster is?

[104:6] It is the fire kindled by Allah,

[104:7] Which rises above the hearts.

[104:8] Surely it shall be closed over upon them,

[104:9] In extended columns.