The present book is a collection of sermons delivered by the well known religious scholar Mr Hajj Sayyid Muhammad Ali ibn al-Ridha Khansary.
The lectures include important issues like: the intellect, knowledge, the oneness of God, the need for the existence of the divine proofs (the prophets and the imams), the common and special prophets, the need for the existence of the imam of our time (atfs), the miraculous aspects of the Quran, the resurrection, ethics and giving advice, the benefits of a mosque, the supplications, asking for forgiveness and gratitude, the servitude if God, the Lord's recommendations to the Prophet (s), four important recommendations of the Prophet (s), honesty and spreading justice.
All of the above mentioned sermons have been delivered in accordance with the Holy Quran and the hadith of the Ahlul Bayt (as).