Preliminary Notes

• SWT = "Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala”= Exalted He is (used for Allah)

• S = Peace be upon him and his family (used for Prophet Muhammad)

• as = "Alayhi al-Salam”= Peace be upon him (used for the prophets and the Imams)

• RA = "Radhiyallah Anh/Anha”= may Allah be pleased with him/her

Please note that the addresses of Sahih al-Bukhari which are given in the form of match the Arabic-English version of Sahih al-Bukhari which is available in most mosques. The first number before the point indicates the volume number, and the number after the point indicates the tradition number (not the page number). For example al-Bukhari Hadith 8.578 indicates volume 8, tradition #578 for the Arabic-English version.