Did Imam al-Husayn (as) Know He Would Be killed?

بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

A sunni brother mentioned:

al-Husayn (ra) was truthful in his detrmination to change the munkar, but he was adviced by the likes of Ibn Abbas and Ibn Umar that he was overoptimistic with the people of Iraq and their help. Husayn, being a human who is not ma3soom like the prophets, excersised his Ijtihad. Based on what is even reported by the Sunnis, Imam Husayn knew that he will be killed in Ashura in Karbala, and yet he went forward. Not only Imam Husayn, but also all the Prophets of God knew about the detail of this catastrophe. From Adam, to Noah, to Moses, to Zakariyya, to Yahya (John), to Muhammad, all cried for Imam Husayn (as) and remembered him on the day of Ashura.

Imam Husayn, before he leaves Medina, saw the Messenger of Allah in dream who told him:

"Verily Allah willed to see you martyred. Verily Allah willed to see your family captives"

He knew that he will be killed where and how. There was no error in his part or what you called overestimation of the people of Iraq. A person who goes to a battle which has an uncertain ending, never takes his family, women, and children with him, and never put their lives in to jeopardy. But Imam Husayn did all that, knowing all the tragic events which will happen to them from setting their tents on fire (by the soldiers of Yazid) to plundering them and moving them from town to town.

But he took with him women and children because they were supposed to deliver a message to the people of each town and to wake them up from their deep sleep. No doubt that the event of Karbala was a turning point in the destiny of the religion of Islam, by which the religion was immuned form annihilation. Individuals, however, are not immune from going astray. But the blast in Karbala and its inspiring effects on the hearts of people never let Islam to be eradicated.

Another brother mentioned that if one knows that by going to certain place, he would be certainly killed, the going to that place is considered to be suicide, and as such, how could Imam al-Husayn go toward Karbala if he knew that he would be killed?

The above question is interesting. Imam al-Husayn knew where and how he will be killed and who will kill him. This was the case for the other Imams of Ahlul-Bayt as well. Even Sunnis narrated that the Prophet (S) told Imam ‘Ali who kills him and when will he be killed. But non of them avoided what Allah foreordained. Thus Imams having the knowledge of when they die is confirmed by both Sunni and Shi’a.

It should be noted that the prophets and Imams share with the rest of humanity the means for obtaining knowledge which Allah has given: the senses, the intellect, etc. They also possess special powers and means which other people do not have.

In carrying out the commands of Allah in which people have also responsibility, and likewise in ordinary behavior, the prophets and Imams only make use of the first way of knowing, that is the commonly available means. The second means (extraordinary means) is only used by them in duties and works which are connected with their
position of prophethood and Imamat.

Thus in matters such as knowing the beginning of the month, passing judgment, finding out if something is unclean or pure, etc., they make use of ordinary means such as sighting of the moon, and so forth, which anyone else employs. The extraordinary means of knowledge can not be the basis for their action (unless in some rare circumstances when Allah wishes otherwise), and what they volitionally do must be determined by the means available to everyone.

In other words, the act of Imam is based on the conclusion of pieces of evidences which can be obtained by the ordinary human beings, and not by the information related to what Allah has foreordained, otherwise a contradiction would arise: For instance, Allah foreordained that Imam ‘Ali be killed by Ibn Muljam (LA) in the Mosque on a specific date, but since Imam ‘Ali knows this via an extraordinary means of
knowledge given by Allah, if he avoids the Mosque, he would have gone against what Allah foreordained which is impossible.

Likewise, Imam al-Husayn (as), though knew most of the people of Iraq will not follow him, he did his duty by answering their unanimous call. Imam al- Husayn sent his agent, Muslim Ibn Aqil to Kufa, since he wanted to do the investigation as an ordinary human being does. This is while he knew the situation in Kufa by extra-ordinary means of knowledge and that Muslim Ibn Aqil will be killed, yet he was not supposed to act based on what is concealed from an ordinary human being. He acts based on the extraordinary means of knowledge ONLY IF Allah wishes so, and such circumstances are rare.

Thus, such extraordinary knowledge has spiritual aspect as being the Representative of Allah (Khlifatullah), and the reason for it must be sought on this level, and it is not for the purpose of influencing and controlling the events on the level of ordinary understanding.

More On Commemoration

The Commemoration of Imam Hussain (as) has been observed by the followers of Ahl al Bayt (members of the House of the Prophet (saw)) for centuries; yet many Muslims resent it, thinking that this would divide or increase the division of the Muslims. To my understanding this argument is un-sound for the following reasons:-

- Imam Hussain and his opponent Yazeed are on the opposite ends of the Heavenly Scale. There is no Muslim School that doubts the purity and qualification of the Imam. Righteous Muslims also know that Imam Hussain is a dear grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), and that he is a leader of the youth of the paradise. On the other hand, Yazeed is un-acceptable to any Muslim, and every Mulsim condemns him, and will continue to do so, for his transgression and for the crimes he commited againts the Ahl al Bayt. With such a clear distinction there should be no confusion among the Muslims on account of the commemoration of this great Imam. No Muslim party should be angered by hearing the truth about the great Imam and his opponent Yazeed!

- Imam Hussain and the rest of the Ahl al Bayt did not receive in their lives the fairness and respect due to them on the part of the Muslims, while the rest of the Companions of the Prophet (saw) received of that as much as they deserved (or more). The members of the House of the Messenger were denied even the right to live or feel safe. The Muslims, should therefore try to correct the mistake of history by un-covering the virtues of these distinguised people.

- To keep the names of these people alive is in the interest of the Muslims. The Messenger of God, Muhammad (saw), said when he was returning from his valedictory pilgrimage, while at Ghadir Khum: -

I am about to be called (by the Lord to depart from this World) and respond (to His call). I am leaving for You the Two Valuables (one of them is bigger than the other): The Book of God and the members of my House. Beware how you shall treat the two after me, because they will not part with each other untill they join me on the Day of Judgement!


- Mustadrak of al Hakim, vol 3 p 109, Arabic Printed in Hyderabad 1334
- Sahih of Tirmizi, vol 2 p 307, Arabic Printed in Cairo 1350-1352
- Musnad of Ahmed Hanbal, vol 3 p 14, 217, Arabic Printed in Cairo 1313
- Khasais of al Nasai, p 30, Arabic Printed in Najaf 1369
- Sahih of Muslim, vol 4 p 1286 hadith 5920, English Printed in Lahore (Pakistan) 1992
- ... and many many more

Thus honoring their memories and informing people about them would be in accord with the advice of the Messenger (saw), and would provide the Muslims with what they need of Guidance.

- The History of this great Martyr is a school for the seekers of the truth. Every Muslim can learn a great deal from the supreme sacrifice and the courage of the Imam. The Muslims are still living under similar conditions now as before. Corruption is still prevalent in our society, and tyrants, like Yazeed, are no rarity in Muslims and non - Muslim countries, but we don’t have men like the Imam Hussain. Fortunately, this commemoration is providing the Muslim World with some of his excellent students.

The Martyred Ones

Men weep for you today in many lands
And on their breasts in bitter anguish beat
And in sad, mournful tunes, the tales repeat
Of how you lost your life upon the sands

You nobly spurned the tyrant’s base demands
And Chose death to prevent your soul’s defeat
Became a martyr with unflinching feet
For these well may one weep who understands

Hussain is King, the King of Kings
He is faith, defense of faith from him springs
Beheaded though

He never bowed to Yazeed
By God, God’s unity by him is established
In which grave is his throne, and his crown where is it
O Earth! Show us where us where is the Might of Yazeed Today

Those Martyred In Karbala

The Hashmites - from the seed of Abu Taleb
- Those mentioned in Ziarate Nahiyah 18
- Those not mentioned in the Ziarat 13
- Young Children 3

No. distributed according to the Immediate parentage of the Martyrs
- The Holy Imam Hussain 1
- The sons of the Holy Imam 3
- The sons of Imam ‘Ali 9
- The sons of Imam Hasan 4
- The sons of Aqeel 12
- The sons of Jafar 4
- Total 33

The Comrades of the Holy Imam

- Those names who are mentioned in the Ziarat e Nahiah 70
- Those who names are not mentioned in the Ziarat 27
- Total numbers of Martyrs in Kufa 8
- Total comrades martyred 105
- Total martyrs including the Bani Hashim and the Holy Imam 138

The above inquiry is based on the following sources
- Tabari
- Ibne Athir
- Kitabaul Jamal of Sheikh Mufid
- Rijal Mumqani
- Abu Maqnaf
- Zakhiratud Darain
- Hadaiq
- Irshad
- Oyaonal Akhbiar
- Manaqib e Ibne Shahr Ashoob
- Absarul Ain Fi Ansaral Hussain
- ... and many more

Brief Notes On Some Of Those Who Martyred In Kufa And Karbala

“Abu Bakr ibne ‘Ali ibne Abi Taleb He was called Muhammad e Azghar or Abdullah from Laila daughter of Masud son of Hanzala son of Manath son of Tameem

“Abi Bakr son of the Second Imam Hasan, son of Imam ‘Ali

“Abdul Hatoof Ansari and his Brother

“Sa’d (both Son’s of Hur)

Both from Kufa who joined the Holy Imam at Karbala

“Adham son of Omayya al Abdi From Basra son of Obaida, whose father had been constant attendant on the Holy Prophet (S)

“Aslam - The slave who was purchased and liberated by the Holy Imam – was scribe engaged to write communications from the Holy Imam

“Anas Ibn Hars e Kahili son of Baniah son of Kahli who was one of the Companions of the Holy Prophet (S)

“Borair Zibe Khozair e Hamdani A very old pious and devoted companion of Amirul Momineen, Imam ‘Ali, one of the prominent noblemen of Kufa. He was the one who came to the Holy Imam begging him humbly to permit him to get martyred for he wanted to die in the way of the Lord and show his face to the Holy Prophet (S) on the Day of Judgment.

“Omayyabib Sa’d at Taie He was one of the Companions of Imam ‘Ali (as)

“Bashr Ibn Amrual Hazrami, was among one of the famous ones from faithful devotees of the Holy Prophet (S)

“Bakr bib Hai at Taimi Of the Bani Taimi tribe who came to the Holy Imam and volunteered to be martyred in the way of the Lord.

“Jabib ibne Hajjaj al Taimi He was the follower of Muslim Ibn Aqeel in Kufa. Since Muslim was arrested he hid himself untill Imam Hussain arrived in Karbala and reported to the Imam and got martyred.

“Jibilath ibne ‘Ali e Shaibani, Among the ones who was attending on Imam ‘Ali in the battle of Siffin

“Jafar ibne Aqeel ibne Abi Talib, The third brother of Abbas, the Standard Bearer of the Holy Imam

“Jafar ibne Aqeel ibne Abi Talib, Brother of Muslim Ibn Aqeel, the Deputy of the Holy Imam to Kufa

“Jinadat ibne Ka’b Ansari al-Khazraji, Along with his son - Martyred at Karbala - One of the greatest devotees of Imam Hussain

“Jundab Ibn Mujee al Khaulani, One of the Companions of the Imam ‘Ali who came to the Holy Imam and fell down to his feet and prayed to be permitted to be martyred

“Jaun, The liberated slave of Abi Zar who after the death of Abi Zar joined the Second (2nd) Holy Imam and thereafter remained with Imam Hussain and came to Karbala with him. He was trained under Abi Zar.

“Jaun Ibn Malikee Tameemi Of the tribe of Bani Tameem. One who was in Yazed’s army. He left the ranks of Yazeeds army and joined Imam Hussains camp

“Hars, The liberated slave of Hazrat Hamza, the Uncle of the Prophet (S), who came along with Imam Hussain to Karbala and was martyred.

“Habshi Ibn Qais e Nahmi, Of a group from the tribe of Hamdan. His grand father was one of the faithfuls of the Prophet (S).

“Hars Ibn Amraul Qais e Kandi, A very brave Noble of Arabia. He went into the army of the oppressors and found his own Uncle there and he (Uncle) asked him: ‘ Have you come to Kill your Uncle ? ‘ He replied: ‘ Yes! You are my Uncle, no doubt, but God is my Lord and you have come here against Him. ‘ He killed His Uncle. Along with him three (3) others joined the Holy Imam and they were martyred.

“Habib Ibn Amir e Taimi, One who had already payed allegiance to the Holy Imam at the hands of Muslim Ibn Aqeel was martyred in Kufa, Habib left Kufa and joined the Holy Imam on his way to Karbala and got martyred.

“Habib Ibn Muzahir al Asadi, He was known as Habib ibne Mazahir Ibn Re’aab Ibn al-Ashtar from the lineage of Asad Abdul Qasim al-Asadi.

“Hajjaji Ibn Badr as S’di, From Basra of the tribe of Bani Sa’d, a famous noble man of Kufa. He was the one who carried communications of the Holy Imam to the pious ones of the devotees of the House of the Holy Prophet (S) in Kufa.

“Hajjai Ibn Masrooq al Jaufi, A faithful companion of Imam ‘Ali

“Hur ibne Yazid ar Riyahi, He was the Son of Yazid ibne Najiyah Ibn Qanab Ibn Yatib Ibn Hur in the lineage of al-Yarboir Riyahi. A famous nobleman of Kufa, an experienced warrior specially selected by Ibne Ziad to command against Hussain. He was the one who obstructed Imam Hussain’s way near Kufa, but he never believed that the venture of Ibne Ziad was to end in the martyrdom of the Holy Imam. When at Karbala he found out, Hur left the oppressors forces and joined the Holy Imam seeking pardon for his previous mis-conduct. At this Imam Hussain said: -

Hur, as they Mother has named thee Hur (a free man) thou art Hur in this World and the hereafter. He was among the foremost martyrs in the way of God.

“Hallas Ibn Amro ar Rasibi, He was the son of Amru ar Rasibi who was one of the faithful companions of Imam ‘Ali

“Hanzala Ibn Asadus Shabami, He was the one who carried the message of exhortation from Imam Hussain to Ibne Sa’d in Karbala

“Rafe - The liberated slave of Muslim Azdi, He came from volunteered to be with the Imams army

“Zavir Ibn Amro al Kandi, A sincere devotee of the Ahl al Bayt who was a devoted companion of the Imam Hussain.

“Zohair al Qaine Bijilly, He was a noble chieftain of his tribe, a man of great influence in Kufa. In the beginning he was attached to Othman, and once returning from Haj he met the Imam Hussain, and since then he became a staunch devotee. He is the one who bade good-bye to his wife Dalham daughter of Amru, liberating her with a divorce to go to her relatives and he joined the Imam and got martyred.

“Ziad Ibn Areeb al Saidi, Son of Areeb one of the faithful companions of the Holy Prophet and also a traditionalist. A very pious and brave noble personality enjoying the trust and the confidence of the people.

“Salim the liberated slave of Aamire Abdi, A devotee of Imam ‘Ali from Basra

“Sa’d Ibn Hars and Abul Hatoof Ibn Harse Ansari, These twin brothers had come from Kufa employed in the forces of the oppressor to fight Imam Hussain. Later they left the ranks of the army of Yazeed and joined the Imam’s army

“Sa’d the liberated slave of Imam ‘Ali, After the martyrdom of Imam ‘Ali he remained attached to Imam Hasan and after the martyrdom of Imam Hasan he remained attached to Imam Hussain and got martyred

“Sa’d - the liberated slave of Amro Ibn Khalid, He volunteered to be martyred for the truth. A noble personality with a high degree of fidelity and valiance.

“Sayeed Ibn Abdullah Hanafi, A noble, brave and influential personality from Kufa. He was very helpful to Muslim Ibn Aqeel in Kufa, as he carried Muslim’s letter from Kufa to Imam Hussain and remained with him and was martyred. He was the one, while the Holy Imam was offering prayers in Karbala stood infront of the Holy Imam and received arrows from Yazeed’s army on his breast, protecting the Imam and got martyred.

“Salman Ibn Mazarih Ibn Qais al Ammari al Bijjili, A cousin of Zohair al Qain. He went to Mecca with Zohair and when on his return he decided to join Imam Hussain.

“Sulaiman Ibn Razeen - A liberated slave of Imam Hussain, He carried Imam Hussain’s letter to the devotess of the Ahl al Bayt in Basra. Ibne Ziad the governor of the oppressor of Basra caught him and the faithful servant of the Holy Imam got martyred willingly.

“Sawar Ibn Manyim e Nahmi, Travelled all the way from Iraq to join the forces of Imam Hussain.

“Suwaid Ibn Amro Ibn Abil Mataa al Ammari al Khashmi, As he was fighting he got seriously wounded, lying un-conscious, the enemy thinking that he was dead left him, but on regaining consciousness and hearing the rejoicing of the oppressors forces that the Imam was martyred, he got up and fought till he also got martyred.

“Saif Ibn Hars al Jabiri and Malik, These two cousins from Kufa joined the Imam and got martyred.

“Saif Ibn Malik al Abdi al Basri, A leading devotee of the Ahl al Bayt

“Shabeeb a liberated slave of Hars e Jabiri e Hamdani, Was martyred on the first attack of the enemy

“Shaueb e Shakiri, Well known in Kufa for his nobility of character, courage, and a revered noble veteran of town

“Zarghamah Ibn Malik e Taghlabi, A lion hearted brave gentleman who was faithful to Muslim Ibn Aqeel in Kufa, and after Muslims martyrdom he joined Imam Hussain and was martyred along with him

“Aaiz Ibn Majma al Aazi, He was among one of the six who along with Hur ibne Yazid e Riyahi had joined the Imam

“Aabis ibne Abi Shabeeb e Shakiri, He was among one of those who helped Muslim in Kufa

“Amir Ibn Muslim at Badi Basri, With his liberated slave Salim, both the devotees of Imam ‘Ali in Basra joined the Imam and were martyred.

“Abbas Ibne ‘Ali ibne Abi Taleb, Qamare Bani Hashim, This is the great son of the First Holy Imam, Imam ‘Ali, from the noble Lady Hazrat Ommul Baneen. Abbas is so well known to the Muslim World for his noble qualities he was endowed with, that in the first place needs no introduction, secondly if a proper attempt is made, it would need a separate volume.

The great Lion Hearted son of the Lion of God in his qualities in Karbala is next to the Holy Imam, Imam Hussain. He was the next only to the Imam in Karbala. The Alam or the banner, which he held on the behalf of the Imam, was the standard of Islam or Truth.

“Abdullah ibne Hussain, Known as ‘Ali e Azghar

The six (6) old month baby of the Holy Imam, martyred in the very lap of his father whose martyrdom no human heart can bear without shedding tears.

When the Imam stood all alone in the Battle field surrounded by the enemies he was summoned a call from his sister Zainab in his camp. When he went into the tent, he found his baby son dying of thirst in his cradle and the poor mother Rubab, whose Milk had dried up by the continuos thirst and hunger for the three (3) consecutive days, could not help the baby with a drop of milk.

Telling the mother that he would show the baby to the enemy and get some water, Imam Hussain took the child to the field getting on a camel and raising it up in his arms to en-able every one to see him, said: -

O People! If, in your opinion, Hussain is guilty of any sin or crime, this innocent babe has done nothing to hurt any one of you. It does not speak and has not even uttered anything against you or your Amir at Damascus. He is dying of thirst. He neither had milk nor water for the last three days. Would you quench his thirst by a few drops of water. If you suspect that I demand water for myself in the name of the Babe, then I will leave him here, if you want, and go away and you may return him with his thirst quenched!

But despite this, the Ibna i Sad, fearing the revolt of his forces in the sympathy of the Imam at once ordered Hurmula to answer Hussain. They tyrant shot a three pronged arrow from his bow which after piercing the Imams arm got stuck in the tiny arm of the innocent baby. Blood flowed from the baby’s neck and the baby died looking at the fathers face!

“Abdullah Ibn Hasan ibne ‘Ali

The son of the Second (2nd) Holy Imam, Imam Hasan, a young boy, who ran out of the tent to save Hussain when he being martyred, and was martyred before the Holy Imam.

“Abdullah Ibn Bushr Khashami

Of the Anmari e Khashami tribe, he came out of Kufa with Ibne Sa’d but joined the Holy Imam and got martyred with him.

“Abdullah Ibn Omair Kalbi

He had come to Kufa from Medina, and joined the Imam. His wife also accompanied him to serve the Holy Ladies. When Abdullah was martyred his wife sitting at the dead body of her husband said: -

O Abdullah! Thou hath entered Paradise, take me along with Thee. The good Lady had not finished her lamentations when a slave of Shimar delivered a blow on her head with an axe and she was martyred.

“Abdul Rahman and Abdullah sons of Orawah Ibn Harraq al Ghaffari

These two (2) brothers were the noblemen of Kufa, their grandfather, Harraq was one of the faithful companions of Imam ‘Ali. The joined the noble Imam and were martyred.

“Abdullah Ibn Muslim Ibn Aqeel

Son of Muslim Ibn Aqeel ibne Abi Taleb.

“Abdullah Ibn Yaqtar e Himyari

“Abde Qais Basri e Abdi, Alongwith Abdullah Ibn Zaid e Abdi. Obaidullah Ibn Zaide Abdi, Yazid Ibn Sabeet al Abdi

“Abdul Ala Ibn Yazeed al Kalbi al Aleemi

“Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Rab e Ansari Khazriji

“Abdul Rahman Ibn Aqeel ibne Abi Taleb

“Abdul Rahman e Arhabi

“Abdul Rahman Ibn Masood at Taimi

“Othman Ibn ‘Ali ibne Abi Taleb, One of the brothers of Hazrate Abbas, the third son of Ommul Baneen

“Omar Ibn Janade e Ansari

“‘Ali e Akbar son of the Imam

The eighteen (18) year old son of the Imam who resembled the Holy Prophet the most, was martyred by a lance pierced through his breast. When Imam Hussain sent ‘Ali e Akbar to the battle field, who was also known as Ahmad i Thani (Muhammad the Second - due to his resemblance), the Imam raised his hands towards the Heaven and said: -

Lord! Here is sent in Thy way, the one who resembleth the most with Thy Prophet Muhammad, whenever we did desire to have a view of the Holy Face departed away from us, we used to look at the face of this Youth

Lord! Hussain has one ‘Ali e Akbar and he is sent to be sacrificed for Thy cause, had I many more like him, I would have similarly offered them in Thy way!

“Omer Ibn Zabiah Az Zabiyee, Came out of Kufa with Ibne Sad but later joined the Imam and was martyred

“Amro Ibn Khalid e Saidavi

“Amru Ibn Abdullah e Junday, From the tribe of Hamdan, was martyred with the Imam

“Amru Ibn Qarta al Ansari

“Amru Ibn Hab Abu Thamama al Sai’di

“Amru Ibn Hasan at Talee

“Aun and Muhammad (Sons of Jafar e Tayyar)

Two (2) sons of Hazrate Zainab, the Sister of Hazrat Imam Hussain. Aun was her own son and Muhammad was from the deceased wife (Khausa) of her husband Abdullah Ibn Jaffar Tayyar. These two (2) boys were the only young boys of about nine (9) and ten (10) years of age. The Holy Lady Zainab, the daughter of Imam ‘Ali and Lady Fatimah, brought these two boys and implored her brother, the Imam, to permit them to free the enemy. At the persistent implorings from his sister the Imam permitted, and these two (2) young souls were martyred before the eyes of their mother.

“Qarib, The son of a liberated slave girl of Imam Hussain. This lady after being liberated by the Imam was married to a gentleman and brought her son Qarib and presented him to the Imam, and he was brought up by the Imam. He was martyred along with the other devotees, offering himself in the way of the Lord!

“Qasim Ibn Hasan Ibn ‘Ali ibne Abi Talib

When the young Qasim aged fourteen (14) years, son of Imam Hasan sought, permission to go, it is reported that Imam Hussain remembered the wish of his brother, Imam Hasan, that one of his daughters be wedded to Qasim. At the same time when Qasim presented to the Imam Hussain a closed note, written to him by his father (Imam Hasan) to be opened in the worst calamity situation, in which was written addressing Qasim:-

My dear son Qasim when your Uncle Hussain is besieged by his enemies from all sides and when every true lover of God and the Holy Prophet, lays down his life, defending the cause of truth, you sacrifice yourself for the cause on my behalf.

“Qasim Ibn Habib al Azdi

“Qasith, Kardoos, Musqit - the three (3) sons of Zohair al Taghlabi

“Qanab an Namri

“Qais Ibn Mushir as Saidavi

“Kannah at Taghlabi

“Majma ul Jahni

Son of Ziad Ibn Omar Jahni one of the aged companions of the Imam. When people started deserting him on the Night of Ashoora, this old devotee of the Imam remained and achieved martyrdom.

“Muslim Ibn Aqeel

The Deputy of Imam Hussain to Kufa, where he was martyred.

“Muslim ibne Ausaja al Asadi One of the faithful companions of the Prophet (S). An aged veteran who had earned a glorious name and fame for his valour and prowness against the infidels. When on the Ashoora Night, the Holy Imam told his companions to find their own ways and save themselves from the wholesale massacre of his supporters, which was in store for them the following day, he said to the Imam: -

O son of the Holy Prophet! Where am I to go before myself getting martyred here ?

“Muslim Ibn Katheer al Awaj all Azdi

“Masood Ibn Hajjaj Taimy and his son Abdur Rahman Ibn Masood

“Muhammad Ibn Abdullah ibne Jafar, A young son of Abdullah son of Hazrat Jafar e Tayyar, his mother was Khausa, daughter of Hafsa Ibn Rabi’a

“Muhammad Ibn Muslim Ibn Aqeel, One of the two (2) young sons of Muslim Ibn Aqeel, the Deputy of the Imam Hussain to Kufa

“Muhammad Ibn Abi Syeed Ibn Aqeel

The grandson of Muslim Ibn Aqeel, the Deputy of the Imam

“Munjeh, The liberated slave of the Second Holy Imam

“Mauq Ibn Thamamah Asadi Saidavi Abu Musa

“Nafebin Hilale Jamali

A companion of Imam ‘Ali, reciter of the Qur’an and tradionist, a noble personality of Kufa, escaped from Kufa and joined the Imam in Karbala. He remained by the side of Abbas, the Standard Bearer of Imam Hussain.

“Nasr Ibn Naizar

A liberated slave of Imam ‘Ali. He was presented to the Holy Prophet (S) by the King of Persia and the Prophet (S) presented him to Imam ‘Ali who freed him. He came to Karbala and got martyred.

“Wazeh the Turk, The Turkish liberated slave of Harse Mashaji. He came to Karbala and presented himself to the Imam and got martyred.

“Hani Ibn Orwah, Martyred with Muslim Ibn Aqeel at Kufa

“Yazid Ibn Ziad Mohasir e Kandi Behdile Abush Shasa, A noble of Kufa, joined the Imam from Kufa and got martyred

“Yazid Ibn Maghful Jafi, A devotee of Imam ‘Ali

And finally

“Hussain Ibn ‘Ali - The KING of the MARTYRS

This sorrow at your death, despite the years

Is still as fresh, which time has failed to quell
In every heart this day a new pain appears
And of your sufferings men each other tell
They see a vision through slow falling tears
Of that lone battle where athirst you fell

From: (‘Ali Shah) 13-JUL-1995 01:23:29.22

Subject: A Poem For The Fortieth Day Of Martyrdom (Arbaeen)

Look at the heads atop the spears
and the eyes that are full of tears.
Husayn has gone and his sister is alone,
and her lonely sight is so hard to bear.
It will touch so many hearts of stone
but her suffering, so few shall share.
The daughter of Fatimah is full of sorrow.
In her path, so many woes have been steered.
She doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow.
She hasn’t finished wiping her tears.
The world has seldom seen such a bold woman.
So courageous and without a spec of fear.
She is so strong, that she can’t be broken.
Even by her loved ones’ heads, on the spears.
Her parents are Fatimah and ‘Ali, none other,
and to the Prophet Muhammad, she is so dear.
But this day, she is without her brother.
And no comfort seems to be near.
The people present, do nothing but stare.
For the victims, everyone should shed tears.
For the Prophet’s progeny, doesn’t anyone care?
The indifference of these "Muslims”is so severe.
Don’t all the people present, understand,
the noble family of the Prophet, has no peers?
Everyone’s salvation is verily in their hands.
Why’re they being driven, to the verge of tears?
This lady is not afraid to loose her life.
She speaks out against cruelty, without fear.
To spread her brother’s message, she strives,
breaking everyone’s heart with her silent tears.
On hurting the innocent, the cruel are bent.
But these wicked plots fail and she perseveres.
She faces calamity with her spiritual strength.
She is anguished, but holds back her tears.
The tyrants wanted to crush the struggle
but it shall never end and also our tears.
Everyone is moved, on hearing her troubles.
Karbala is and will be remembered each year.
In the stormy seas we’ve not yet set ashore,
many evil minds would want to stop our tears.
But this mourning will continue, forever more,
with cries of Yaa Husayn, ringing in our ears.

‘Ali Rizwan Shah

Arbaeen - 1416 AH