Fear Something? Embrace it! - Ramadan 1435/2014

Imam Ali ibn Abi-Talib, alayhi as-salam, has a beautiful formula for anyone who fears something that they should not, which is stopping their progress. The Imam, alaihi as-salam, has a beautiful formula.

He says, "Idha hibta amran fa takhfee "If you find yourself fearing something," the Imam, alaihi as-salam, says, "Embrace it." Run towards it.

Because once you embrace it and you familiarize yourself with it, you become familiar with it, then that fear begins to subside. And this is truly amazing advice. Even these days, psychologists, when they see people who have certain phobias, they give them several types of treatment. What type of treatment is to face their fears?

If you have this phobia, this unnatural phobia from something, sometimes, if you just embrace it, go towards it, become familiar with it, then that really helps you.