Friday Khutba - 16th Rajab 1435/2014

Asma-ul-Husna - Al-Mureed (Part 1) The differences between the desire of Allah and the desire of human beings: - when we desire something, we have to put an effort towards it. For Allah, desire and action are the same; He desires and it happens - for human beings, our will (mashia) precedes our desire (irada). For Allah, there is no difference between His will and His desire. Irada of God is divided into two: - al-iradatu-taqwiniyya - al-iradatu-tashri'iyya -- difference is for us: we have no say in the first, but in the second we can follow it or abandon it (jabr or tafweez) Verses from the Holy Quran about what God desires: - 2:185 - He desires ease for us, not hardships - 4:28 - Allah desires to lighten our burden - Together, these are the reason for the ahkam of Allah Imam Hussain's (as) journey to Karbala was to fulfill the desires of Allah

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