Friday Khutba - 25th Rabi al-Awwal 1436/2015

Asma-ul-Husna - An-Nafi'u wad-Daar - One who brings benefit and One who brings harm - Benefits are of two types: those that help us in this world and those that help us in the hereafter - The purpose behind harm is so that it awakens the individual and brings them back to Allah swt - They are both forms of mercy - Our role with these names: -- Rely on no one other than Allah swt in seeking benefit or repelling harm -- Be patient when harm befalls us, and thankful after the harm is gone -- Benefit others with the bounties He has provided us Terrorist incident in France - Many people are asking Muslims to take sides, but we do not need to side with the terrorists or with the journalists of this publication - We are insulted and saddened by the offensive publications, but we cannot react with violence - Our role: -- Remember that no matter how much people insult the Prophet (saww), it does not reduce his status -- Display the akhlaq of Rasulullah (saww)

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