Friday Khutba - 20th Muharram 1436/2014

Asma-ul-Husna - Al-Mun'im (part 2 of 3) Two types of bounties of Allah swt: - Material bounties -- these are what we mostly ask from Allah in our personal conversations with Him - Immaterial worldly bounties -- eg: safety, peace, security, happiness, etc -- We should thank Allah swt for these bounties even though we don't always feel them - Immaterial spiritual bounties -- eg: guidance, closeness to Allah, Jannah -- These are the top echelon of gifts Allah swt has provided for us - All of the material bounties are provided to make our lives comfortable; the immaterial bounties will lead us to perfection - Our job is to use the material bounties in perfecting and capitalizing the immaterial bounties Bounties can be divided into two categories: - Awam (general) bounties - given to everyone, believers and non-believers - Khaas (specific) bounties - given to those that surrender and submit themselves to the will of Allah swt -- The specific bounties are greater than the general bounties -- They are further divided into outward (dhahir) form or inward (batin) form

New health education curriculum for Ontario schools - We should be concerned about this for our children - Our duty is to write to our school boards and express that there are other ways to teach these subjects 

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