Friday Khutba - 18th Shawwal 1435/2014

Asma-ul-Husna - Al-Mustafee [part 2] - Allah SWT select only the Prophets and Imams to carry out His task because of their superior capabilities - Once Allah SWT selects them, he gives them two gifts: -- al-istifa-u-taqwiniyya - intuitive selection -- al-istifa-u-tashri'iyya - religious selection - Their selection is a gift given to them by Allah SWT based on their actions and sincerity Our role with this name: - To be selected by Allah SWT as messengers

Preparing our kids for back to school - Get our kids into the routine immediately - Don't be last minute shoppers - plan ahead - Talk to our children and give them advice -- about bullying, peer pressure, etc. -- let them know the door of communication is open - Be extremely well versed with the problems our kids will face

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