Friday Khutba - 2nd Dhu Al Qa'dah 1435/2014

Asma-ul-Husna - Al-Muqaddim and Al-Muakhkhir [part 2] In the Holy Quran, Allah SWT has described human beings with taqdeem and ta'kheer - e.g., 75:13 and 82:5 Possible meanings: - The actions we do (good or bad) are sent forward, and what we leave behind (e.g. inheritance, children, traditions) (ta'kheer) - The actions we performed; at the right time, and those we postponed (ta'kheer) - Qualities or thing which advanced into our hearts, and those we pushed away Our role with these names: - Advance in position in our hearts those which Allah has commanded, and push away those Allah has commanded to push away - Advance and hold dearer akhira over dunya - Send as much goodness forward as possible Islam and Labour - In Islam, labour and employment is one of the ways in which Allah guarantees sustenance - Unemployment rate in Canada is good, but underemployment rate is double that, and it is an issue within our community -- Our community should help each other to advance economically and financially

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