Friday Khutba - 8th Shabaan 1435/2014

Asma-ul-Husna - Al-Mursil - Comes from the root ر-س-ل (r-s-l): -- mursil - the sender (eg: of a message) -- rasul - the messenger -- risala - the message -- mursil - recipients of the message - The effectiveness of the message depends on the selection of the rasul and the risala - Other meanings: -- sender of angels -- sender of miracles to the Prophet (saww) -- sender of angels to protect us Our role: - to be messengers of Allah SWT's message, through our akhlaq and the way we speak - to be smart as to whom we pick to communicate our message

Rules of a masjid In Shabaan, it is recommended to fast as much as possible - the Prophet (saww) used to say to fast in Shabaan for his love to get closer to Allah

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