How Are We Supposed To Repent?

When you come to do your Istighfar, don't just walk in like it wasn't a big deal that you disobeyed Allah, Subhana wa Ta'ala. But Shaykh, God gave me a promise that He is supposed to forgive me. So what's the big deal? He gave you that promise. You are not supposed to take that promise for granted. Don't walk in beating your chest, yes, forgive me. I don't have a lot of time. Astaghfurillah, I am out here. It is not the way you do Istighfar.

You walk in understanding what you did, how terrible it was. Imam as-Sajjad, when he wants to come to Tawbah, he says, Ya Allah, Your servant has come in front of You, he is so ashamed, he can't look upwards, and his head is tilted sideways. And he is come to tell You about that secret sin that he committed that You already know of.

Your sin in and of itself might have not been so great, but the One you disobeyed, He was great. And then this is the part that hurts a little bit, and it i's okay if it hurts a little bit. This One that you disobeyed, not only was He so great and magnificent, and He controls the world, and all that kind of stuff, set all of that aside.

He was so close to you, and you still broke your promise, and that's okay. Let there be a little bit of regret. Let there be a little bit of pain. Let there be a little bit of guilt and shame. But shame that you have between yourself and Allah, Subhana wa Ta'ala, is ok.