How People Show Up on The Day of Judgment

When people show up on that Day, they show up in different groups. They are not all the same. So then the narration of the Prophet says what? Says, yes.

There are people from Ummah they show up, but they show up afwajaa, they show up in groups. Okay, so what are these groups? And he mentions ten different groups, roughly. And he says some of them will show up as monkeys, show up as an animal. And he says it is because they were committing this sin.

And this narration in particular says they are the ones who used to spy on others. They used to take the personal information of others, share it with others. And he says some of them will show up as Na'udhu BiLlah, God forbid, as pigs, swine. Why? Because this was the one whatever they put in front of him, he consumed. He had an animalistic lifestyle in this world. You do not see it in this world because the reality of things do not show themselves in this world. When you show up in the next world, then he is resurrected with this animalistic feature. It is animalistic characteristics.

And the narration of the sixth Imam says there are people who are extremely arrogant. Allah, Subhana wa Ta'ala, resurrects them as ants on the Day of Judgment. As ants, why? Because people will walk over them on that Day, the way they used to walk over people in this world.