What If I've Broken My Tawbah Many Times?

Okay, Sheikh, but if I repent to Allah, Subhana wa Ta'ala, and then I break my Tawbah again, then what? So will you repent again? So what if I do it again? What if it happens like 15 times, 20 times? At one point you will hear Shaytan coming to you, and he is going to give it a very beautiful spiritual, religious touch.

Shaytan will come to you and say, listen, you keep repenting and then you keep breaking your promise. Huh? You want to repent again? You think this is a game? You think can just make fun of God and his religion, that every time you sin, you are just going to come back and repent again? Go. Whenever you fix yourself, then come and repent! You should take it seriously. Don't repent. Wait until nights of Qadr when you're very serious.

Until nights of Qadr, this sin is so established in who you are, it becomes that much more difficult to repent now. And in the conversation the fifth Imam was having with his famous companion, Muhammad ibn Muslim, he said, Ya Ibn ar-Rasul Allah, there are some of your companions, they commit sins, and then they come back and they do Tawbah, and then they go back and they break that same promise again. He said, yes, that is what they are supposed to do. They are supposed to repent again.

But he is done this already. He said, that is fine. So God is just going to forgive him every time he breaks his same promise? He said, Muhammad ibn Muslim, are you telling me that there is ever going to be a moment where this person raises his hands and asks for forgiveness and God is not going to forgive him? That will never happen.