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The Faith of the Imamiyyah Shi'ah

The book is an attempt to present a general and throughout outline of the doctrines, practices and history of Twelver Shi'ah Islam.

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The Faith of the Imamiyyah Shi`ah Author: `Allamah Muhammad Ridha al-Muzaffar Reviser: `Abd al-Karim al-Kirmani Translator: Badr Shahin Editor: Iffat Shah Project supervisor: Translation Unit, Cultural Affairs Department/The Ahl al-Bayt (`a) World Assembly (ABWA) Publisher: The Ahl al-Bayt (`a) World Assembly First Printing: 2012 Printed by: E. Press Copies: 5,000 ISBN: 978-964-529-435-7 All Rights Reserved نام كتاب: عقائد الإمامية نويسنده: محمد رضا المظفر مترجم: بدر شاهين زبان ترجمه: انگليسى