Shi’ah Women Transmitters Of Hadith: A Collection Of Biographies Of The Women Who Have Transmitted Traditions
This text gives the reader an insight into the lives of women who have transmitted traditions in history with a short description of their biographies. These women met the Holy Prophet (S) and our A’immah (‘a) and they accepted Islam with understanding, they raised their family, memorized the Qur’an, learnt Islamic Jurisprudence, Theology, Gnosticism, Philosophy, Tafseer and even took part in battles as nurses and providers of water to the soldiers. These women set a great example by fulfilling all these roles, while maintaining piety, good Akhlaq and always striving to gain knowledge. Included in the text there are also some of their outstanding merits, quotes from scholars about them, who they have transmitted traditions from, and who transmitted traditions from them.