Bahlool and a Judge

It is said that a certain man decided to do Hajj. Since he had little children, he went to the judge and, in front of the court officials, gave 1,000 Dinars to the judge for his children. He said, “If I die during this journey, then you are my successor. What you yourself want, give to my children, and if I safely return, then I will take back this deposit.”

He departed from the judge's office for Hajj; Allah willed for him to die on the way. When his sons became of age and understanding, they asked for their deposit which was trusted with the judge.

The judge said, “Your father willed in front of the people that I give to you whatever I wanted. In this respect, I can give you only 100 Dinars.”

They started yelling and screaming. The judge called the witnesses and asked, “Do you people testify that that day these children's father gave me 1,000 Dinars and said, 'If I die on the way, then give my sons whatever you want.'“

All the people testified that yes, he said this.

Therefore the judge said, “Now I won't give you more than 100 dinars.”

Those poor sons were perturbed and asked everyone for help. The people couldn't change this lawful trick. Gradually, Bahlool heard about it. He took the children with him to the judge and said, “Why don't you give these orphans their right?”

The judge said, “Their father willed that I give them whatever I wish, and I won't give them more than 100 dinars.”

“O Judge! What you want is 900 dinars, and according to your words, that deceased willed that whatever you yourself want, give to my sons; therefore, give that late person's children the 900 dinars that you yourself want. That is their right.”

The judge became helpless at Bahlool's answer and was compelled to give the orphans the 900 dinars.