Bahlool Criticizes Haroun

One day Bahlool was near Haroun. He said, “O Bahlool! Criticize me.”

Bahlool said, “O Haroun! If there is no water in the desert, you are attacked by severe thirst, and near death; what would you give for one gulp of refreshing water?”

“Gold dinars.”

“What if the master of the water does not agree to give water for dinars? Then what will you give?”

“I will give half of my kingdom.”

“After drinking the water, you get that illness in which you can't urinate. Now what will you give that One Who will cure this illness of yours?”

Haroun answered, “ The remaining half of my kingdom.”

Bahlool said, “Then don't give importance to this kingdom for it is not worth more than a drink of water. Isn't it proper that you do good with Allah's creations?”