The Effect of Bahlool's Du'a

It is said that an Arab had a camel which was afflicted by the itching disease. People advised him to rub castor oil on it. The Arab rode his camel to the city to buy the oil. Near the city, he met Bahlool. Since Bahlool was his friend, he said to him, “My camel has the itching disease. People told me that by rubbing castor oil on it, it will be cured. But I believe that your personality has more influence and is better. Please be compassionate and pray for my camel and bless it, so that it can cured of this sickness.”

Bahlool said, “If you buy the castor oil, and along with it include my prayer, then it is certain that your camel will quickly become healthy, but alone the prayer has no effect.”

The Arab bought the oil. Bahlool prayed for and blessed the camel. After a few days of massaging with oil, the camel became healthy.