The Blessed Birth of Imam Mahdi

A very perceptive view on the blessings of Allah SWT and the circumstances to the marriage of Imam Mahdi's parents Imam Hassan a.s.and Narjis Khatoon, the daughter of a Roman emperor, Imam's birth, and his early days.

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The Blessed Birth of Imam Mahdi Author: Mohammad Reza Ansari Translators: Sayed Ali Farid Muhammadi Publisher: Ansariyan Publications First Edition 1430 -1388 - 2009 Sadr Press Quantity: 2000 Number of Pages: 40 Size: 143X205 mm ISBN: 978-964-219-090-4 ALL RIGHTS RECORDED AND RESERVED FOR THE PUBLISHER الولادة الميمونة للإمام المهدي(عج) باللّغة الانجليزية