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Child Custody in Islamic Jurisprudence

In this informative book written and compiled by Saeid Nazari Tavakkoli, we learn the many different laws on the rights of the mother, the father, the child, and their related topics such as breastfeeding, weaning, child custody in case of divorce, responsibilities of the parents, rules regarding abandoned children, and a great many other laws related to these very important topics according to Islamic Shia jurisprudence. Laws discussed in this book are based on the Quran, and Hadith of the Prophet (saws) and holy Ahlu-Bayt (as). Various fundamental opinions of other Islamic schools of thought are also mentioned herein and discussed.

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Written by: Saeid Nazari Tavakkoli Translated by: Ahmad Rezwani Edited by: Ahmad Namaee Circulation: 1000 First Edition: 2011 Price: 29000 Rls Printed by: The A.Q.R. Printing and Publishing institute P.O. Box