Jesus on Ethics: Forty Ahadith

Guidance From The Word of God as Recorded in the Islamic Traditions

40 hadith from Prophet Isa- Jesus, his dialogue with Allah and a collection of verses from the Quran about this great Prophet. Demonstrates the reverence Muslims have for Jesus and the opportunity for inter-faith dialogue.

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First Published in March 2005 by: The Islamic Education Board of The World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities Registered Charity in the UK No. 282303 Islamic Centre - Wood Lane Stanmore, Middlesex United Kingdom HA7 4LQ ISBN 1-898449-89-9 Printed in Canada By Webcom Limited · North America Sales and Distribution Islamic Humanitarian Service ∙ 81 Hollinger Crescent ∙ Kitchener, Ontario Canada, N2K 2Y8 ∙ Tel: 519-576-7111 · Fax: 519-576-8378 ∙ Africa Sales & Distribution Tabligh Sub Committtee ∙ K.S.I. Jama’at ∙ Dar es Salaam ∙ P.O. Box 233 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania ∙ Tel: 255-22-211-5119 Fax: 255-22-211-3107 ∙ This work contains excerpts from the publication, “Jesus (peace be with him) Through Shi’ite Narrations” selected by Mahdi Muntazir Qa’im and translated Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen published by Ansariyan Publications of Qum, Iran [ISBN 964-438-609-4]. The selections have been reprinted here with full permission from the copyright holder.     Copyright © 2005 The World Federation of KSIMC
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