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Jihad The Holy War of Islam and Its Legitimacy in the Quran

Includes verses in the Qur'an that address Jihad (struggle in the way of God), legitimacy of Jihad, Islam and Peace, Defense vs. aggression, and human rights.

Islamic Teachings in Brief

This book, written in a relatively simple language, presents a summary of the teachings of Islam.

A Code of Practice For Muslims in the West

Islamic laws explained with focus on the problems and issues faced by the Muslims in the West presented in a question and answer format.

Music and its Effects

In this booklet, the author discusses the detrimental effects of music on our lives. He talks about the origin of music and its effects from various points of views.

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The Basics of Islamic Jurisprudence

A description of the general and specific topics that are covered in Islamic jurisprudence such as terminologies, sects, sources and subjects.

Philosophy of Islamic Laws

In this book, the authors have endeavored to reply to over a hundred commonly asked questions about Islamic laws and practices and have also explained the reasons being various Islamic directives.

Ain-Al Hayat, The Essence of Life

‘Ain-Al Hayat عين الحياة

The Ritual Ablutions for Women

Knowing the laws regarding the monthly periods and pre or post-natal bleeding is an essential duty of every Muslim woman.

Islamic Government: Governance of the Jurist

This book originated in a series of lectures given at Najaf between January 21 and February 8, 1970. Three major points emerge from the lectures.

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Laws and Practices: How to Perform Wudhu and Tayammum

A handy, simplified guide to how to perform ablution (wudhu) or tayammum.

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180 Questions Enquiries About Islam Volume One: The Practical Laws

The first of three volumes containing detailed answers to inquiries about the philosophical and historical aspects of certain rules in Islam and prominent events that occurred during the life of th

180 Questions Enquiries About Islam Volume Two: Various issues

The second of three volumes containing detailed answers to inquiries about the philosophical and historical aspects of certain rules in Islam and prominent events that occurred during the life of t

Ijtihad: Its Meaning, Sources, Beginnings and the Practice of Ray

An Analysis of Ijtihad, including its Meaning, Sources, Beginnings and the Practice of Ra'y.

A Summary of Rulings

The English translation of the Risalatul Fiqh (text of Islamic Laws) of Grand Ayatullah Nasir Makarem Shirazi, with a helpful addition of a glossary of Arabic terms appended at the end for the bene

Principles of Faith (Usul al-Din)

This book contains both logical and textual proofs for the tenets and principles of Islam.

The Concept Of Martyrdom In Islam

The concept of martyrdom in light of the Islamic concept of Holy Struggle (Jihad) and the doctrine of enjoining right and discovering wrong.

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The Roots of Religion

A book that explains the Usul al-Deen (Roots of Religion). It helps resolve questions and doubts in relation to God, Prophethood, Imamate, Death and Jugement Day.

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Elements of Islamic Studies

A greatly beneficial text book for students of all ages who wish to learn or review the basic fundamentals of Islamic studies.


What is Taqiyah? When can it be used? Best way to perform taqiyah, and when it is not allowed.

Istikhara: Seeking the Best from Allah (swt)

A detail explanation of the true meaning of Istikhara & it's proper usage.

Islam and the Contemporary Man

This text titled "Islam and the Contemporary Man" discusses how Islam is a universal religion that can be applied in the modern day.

Islamic Rulings: Medical Issues

A compilation of queries on various topics answered by Ayatollah Sayyid ‘Ali Khamenei’i which have been arranged in topic-wise sections.

Martyrdom: Arise and Bear Witness

A compilation of lectures by Dr Ali Shariati on the concept of martyrdom, and the importance of martyrdom in Shi'ite ideology.

World of Our Youth

Youth in the light of Qur'an, essential models, responsibilities, and the Shari'a view.

Beliefs: The Importance of Ijtihad and Taqlid

A brief text providing logical and textual proofs on the need for ijtihad and taqleed.

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Divine (Allah’s) Judgment (Hokm) versus Human Judgment (Hokm)

Divine (Allah’s) Judgment (Hokm) versus Human Judgment (Hokm)
Written by: Dr. Hatem Abu Shahba
Translated by: Jerrmein Abu Shahba


Question n.1

Question: What is the teaching of Islam about pork?

An Introduction to The Islamic Shari’ah

In this text, Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi has outlined the fundamentals of Shari'ah and how to live by the teachings and laws of Islam.

The Role of Reason in Ijtihad

Ash'ari and Mu'tazali beliefs in the role of reason. Qiyas in legislation. The Shi'ite position.

Jurispudence Made Easy

The book is in the form of questions and answers based on fatwa of Ayatullah Al-Seestani, on the verses of Jurisprudence, that includes the matters of worship, financial transactions and man's pers

Defence and Jihad in the Quran

A paper by Ahmad Jannati about Defence and Jihad from Qur`an, explaining the meaning, types, significance and goals of Jihad.

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Jihad and Shahadat

Jihad and Shahadat
By Ayatullah Sayyid Mahmud Taleqani

An Outline of Law from a Quranic Perspective

A paper analyzing the features of Islamic law from a Qur'anic perspective. It explains how, according to Islam, politics, morality and worldly affairs cannot be separated from religion.

An Outline of the History of Restriction on Ijtihad

The history and significance of Ijtihad in Sunni and Shi'i developments.

Repentance as Demolition and Reconstruction

This book explores the true meaning of repentance and guides on how to achieve it.

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Justice, Peace and Prophet Muhammad

A short text on the topic of Islamic emphasis on justice and peace between peoples of differing backgrounds and religions, as seen through Qur'anic verses and the honorable treatment of his opponen

Islamic Economy: Its Ideological and Legal Foundations

Ideological and legal foundations of an Islamic economy, its major features and purposes, and its flexibility as well as connections with other systems.

In Defence of Islamic Laws

This book contains the text of three memoranda submitted by the author to the Kenyan government in response to a request by the government seeking clarification on issues of the laws of matrimony,s

Who is the Law Maker?

This study aims to provide a clear vision and present in its true perspective the thought and position of the Muslim individual about the law and the law maker.

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The Status of Music in Islam

The Status of Music in Islam
Written by Saleem Bhimji


82 Questions

This text attempts to answer modern challenges to Islamic positions; it begins with an exposition of the five Usool-e-deen (roots of religion) and continues by giving answers from the Islamic tradi

The Rites of Umrah al-Mufradah

This book has the latest jurisprudential opinions of his highness Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi about Umrah which have been mentioned in different books accompanying his latest Fatwas.

Fire Inside Coming Out: Anger

This is a collection of Ahadith of Masumeen (as) on Anger, its destructive effects on intellect, faith and soul of a person and the reward for controlling it.

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The Right to Life in Islam

The right to life is the basic right from which all the others derive.

A Very Common Disease: Backbiting

This power point presentation is about the common spiritual disease and a grave sin: Backbiting, with references to Ahadith from Masumeen.

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What is Taqleed?

What is Taqleed?

Meaning, History and Proofs of Taqleed from the Quran and Sunnah

By Saleem Bhimji

Principles of Sociology in Islam

This valuable and interesting book, familiarizes the esteemed reader, in the background of Islamic unity and brotherhood, with the humble but firm advice and commands of the holy verses and honorab

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Da'wah: How to invite others to Islam PowerPoint presentation

A beautiful PowerPoint presentation for youth and adults on Da’wah, or inviting others to Islam. Includes information on What is Da’wah? Why should we invite others to Islam?

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Islamic Bioethics: A General Scheme

No doubt life in its all forms enjoys a very high status in Islam. Human life is one of the most sacred creatures of God.

Method and Rulings of Wudhu’

Method and Rulings of Wudhu’

Al-Khisal, A Numeric Classification of Traditions on Characteristics

Translation of Al-Khisal. A first book of its kind, Al-Khisal is a collection of religious and moral precepts from reliable works on the subject compiled by Sheikh Sadooq.

Forgiveness in Islam

Forgiveness in Islam refers more often to restraining anger and punishment when you are able, have power, to administer punishment.

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Some Questions Related To Women’s Rights in Islam

This text discusses about some important points concerning women, their treatment, their rights and issues related to them.

Taqleed made easy

A brief and complete summary of the Rulings about Taqlid, PDF version.

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Attitudes of His Fear

This is an extract from the sermon of Imam Ali (a) in Nahjul Balaghah explaining the attitudes of those fear God.

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Quality of Hijab and the Social Relation of Men and Women

One of the most significant current discussions regarding the Islamic modest dress is the extent to which both men and women should dress.

The Verdict about Intoxicants in Islam

We always hear about the fact that alcohol is prohibited in Islam but many know not the reasons behind this prohibition.

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An Inquiry into Intercession

Intercession (shafa‘ah), the act of an intercessor when he asks God for forgiveness and help on behalf of sinners, is of two types: generative and legislative.

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Ownership in Islam

The concept of ownership prevails under various cultural, socio economic set-ups, be it feudalism, capitalism, socialism and non-secularism (religious), the issue of ownership and its connotation c

Merits of the Month of Rajab (Excerpted from Mafatih al-Jinan)

Merits of the Month of Rajab (Excerpted from Mafatih al-Jinan)

Afzal Sumar

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Foundations of Human Rights in Islam

The issue of human rights has been a permanent feature in the life of man since his beginning. There have been proofs found regarding human right issues dating 2000 years BC.