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The Life of Imam Zayn al-‘Abidin

The book is a biography of the sixth infallible and fourth Imam Ali Ibn Al-Husayn Zaynu'l-`Abidin known also as Imam As-Sajjad (as). This text, the first comprehensive book on the life of the Imam in English, gives you a brief idea about Imam as-Sajjad along with his supplications and his works.

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Title: The Life of Imam Zayn al-‘Abidin Author: Baqir Sharif al- Qarashi Translator: Jasim al- Rasheed Printer: Sadr First Edition 2000-1420 Copies: 2000 Hardcover: 752 pages ISBN-10: 9644381653 ISBN-13: 978-9644381652 Published by Ansariyan Publications All Rights Reserved And Recorded For The Publisher Ansariyan Publications P.B. Box 187 22, Shohada Str. Qum, I.R.Iran Tel: 0098 251 7741744 Fax 7742647 Email: