Most of the sources used to produce this manual are not available in English. Below is a summary of the works researched and translated:

1. The Adornment of the Allāh (SwT) Conscious (°alliyatul Muttaqīn)
By Allamah Muĥammad al-Bāqir (as) Majlisi
Published in Iran, 1374 (1995)

2. A Code of Practice for Muslims in the West
Abdul Hadi Al-Hakim
Published by Imam Ali (as) Foundation (1999)

3. Heavenly Flower (Rayĥān-e Beheshtī)
By Sima Mikhbor
Published in Iran, 1382 (2003)

4. Islamic Laws (English Version of Tawďhīul Masā`il)
According to the Fatawa of Ayatullāh al-Udhmā Sayyid °Alī al-Husainī as-Sīstānī
Published by The World Federation, 1994

5. Marriage and Morals in Islam
Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi
Published by The Islamic Education and Information Centre

6. A Mother’s Prayer
Compiled by Saleem Bhimji and Arifa Hudda
Published by Islamic Publishing House, 2004

7. The Noble Qur`an (Al-Qur`an Al-Karim)
English Translation by Sayyid °Alī Quli Qarai
Published by The Centre for Translation of the Noble
Qur`an, 2003

8. The Relations and Requirements of Mothers and Embryo
(Niyāzhā wa Rawābith Mādarān wa Janīn)
By Mohsen Majaraju
Published in Iran, 1382 (2003)

9. The Sexual Requirement and Matrimony Relations
(Niyāzhā wa Rawābith Jinsī was Zanāshuī)
By Mohsen Majaraju
Published in Iran, 1382 (2003)